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Only Men Aloud

Yes! This singing course is just for men. Whether you are a shower soloist, a car crooner or a well-rounded warbler, you are welcome at ‘Only Men Aloud’.

Singing together releases ‘good’ chemicals in the brain. Barriers and resistance diminish and you just feel great. Through a range of songs drawing on different musical genres, from the traditions of Welsh and Russian men’s choirs, gospel, barbershop and contemporary music, we’ll celebrate the unique beauty of the male voice, while improving vocal technique. It will be uplifting, challenging and above all, FUN.

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  • Adults: $396.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole Day
Status bookings open July 1, 2018.
Location Cedar Bar and Kitchen

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Jo Pierce

Jo Pierce

Jo first entered the wonderful world of harmony at the ripe old age of 9. Listening to the ‘Carpenters’ in the kitchen at home one day, she suddenly ‘got’ harmony and found she could discern all the different parts in their songs. It was wonderful, and so began a life-long obsession to ‘find the harmonies’! Jo has always sung in choirs, but having been told at a young age that she’d never amount to much as a singer, it was not until well into her 40’s that she took the plunge and started singing training, and she hasn’t looked back. Jo has been a regular guest singer with the Roger Burke Quartet and Brett Iggulden’s band, and has enjoyed performances at the Bellingen Jazz Festival with some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians. Seven years ago she formed Bellingen based a capella trio - ‘Sultrio’- singing and arranging all their songs. Three years ago she formed her first choir, Sohum Women’s Choir, which now boasts over 20 members. Inspired by the success of Sohum and many requests from the male singing population, Jo has recently formed Bellingen’s first men’s choir, Bromantics. Jo brings to her workshops an innate sense of harmony, a palpable passion for the joy of bringing people together in song, patient tenacity and a wicked sense of fun!

Course Requirements

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