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The Writers Playground

This course is lively and as much about the sharing of ideas as quiet, reflective writing. This approach stimulates the imagination, from which all great writing flows! From here we dream, we create, we live.

Every day has a different theme and will test your creativity

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Age 10+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole Day
Status bookings open July 1, 2018.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

Monday Almost true tale of my life!
This is truth-stretching as you’ve never heard it before! Children will transform a typical event in their life into an imaginative story. Writing in the first person, we focus on tense, plot, sensory images, descriptive writing and strong conclusions. All materials included.
Tuesday Mysterious Clues and Daring Detectives -Can you solve the mystery?
 In this unique workshop, each child will be given the first page of a gripping mystery novel and have the chance to finish it themselves. Where it will lead is entirely up to the writer, but one thing is certain: the story will include suspense, intrigue and red herrings!Wednesday Fabulous fire-breathing dragons (and other funtastic animal tales) Create your own fantastic animals. Breathe life into dragons, unicorns and mythical creatures and imagine the world of adventure in which they live.  

Thursday Future Fiction (8–13 year olds) 10 am – 2 pm
How does the future look to you? Create a world of your own making, and the rest of mankind – do we travel by spaceship, are robots our friends, has there been an alien invasion, and what does this world look like? Do we all live in an idyllic Eden or a dysfunctional dystopia? You be the creator.

Friday Stop the presses!This is a hands-on day, with students constructing interview questions, interviewing each other, and creating a newspaper together. We explore and try our hand at feature writing, hard news, weather, police rounds and more – giving the students an appreciation of the different writing styles involved. Write and illustrate your own newspaper stories about all kinds of newsworthy characters and events!


Liz Ginis

Liz Ginis

Liz has been a professional newspaper, magazine and digital writer/editor for more than 20 years. She is a creative soul whose passion for storytelling has taken her around the globe. She spent 10+ years with the Australian Geographic journal, telling the tales of the continent and its larger-than-life characters. Today, she runs The Writers’ Playground – creative writing workshops for children; where there are no wrong answers… just right ones – as well as writing fiction and nonfiction books.

To find out all about The Writers’ Playground, visit www.writersplayground.com.au

Course Requirements


Notebooks are provided. Students should bring pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, etc.

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