All booking fees include the GST component.


Early Bird Special until SEPTEMBER 30

Full 5 days:               $360 + $36(GST)  = $396
Half-day courses:      $230 + $23(GST) = $253

Quarter day courses: $115 + $11.50 (GST) = $127


Full 5 days:              $380 + $38 (GST) = $418
Half-day courses:      $245 + $24.50 (GST) = $270

Quarter day courses:  $130 + $13(GST) = $143

Under 18 years

Full 5 days: $220 + $22(GST) = $242
Half-day courses:  $140 + $14 (GST) = $154


 Government pensioners and social security holders may deduct $15 from full 5-day course fees only. There are no further concessions for half day or student courses.

Group Booking Specials:

Discounts will be applied to all group bookings that use a single booking reference. This will be particularly helpful for families attending Camp Creative. The discount is calculated automatically. For a booking of three people there is a $50 discount for the whole booking. If there are 4 people, it is a $100 discount. The discount increases in increments of $50 for each subsequent person. The booking must be on a single booking reference and it is not retrospective.

Select your course carefully.

As most courses will be filled before the start of the Camp, make your course selection very carefully as it is usually not possible to make a course change at the Camp.  Changes can only be permitted under exceptional circumstances and will depend on vacancies and agreement of the tutor concerned.

Other costs 
Some courses may have additional costs to cover materials, model fees, etc. You will be advised of these costs when your application is processed.


If you are doing a course and you have children doing a course on a different campus, childcare is available for children aged under 10 years of age for the lunch time break. You must contact the coordinators prior to the camp.

There will be a charge of $25 for the week payable on the first day. This is not a general child minding service. Parents are responsible for bringing their children to the course and making arrangements to collect them at the end of each day.


All bookings must be paid in full at time of booking.

You are encouraged to book through our website. If you book via mail no bookings can be guaranteed until the application form and full payment are received.


Applications cancelled after November 1st will incur a 50% cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS will be given after November 15th .

Check In

This will take place between 10am and 4pm on Sunday, January 7th  at Bellingen High School. Guides will be available to show you to your class room and answer any queries. An information booklet and name tag will be available in your classroom.

You can Check In from 8am on Monday morning at Bellingen High School prior to the course start time of 9am. However, this is an extremely busy time of the camp and it is our experience that campers prefer to become familiar with the area prior to Monday. This is still an option if needed.

Subscribe for advance notice 

You can receive advance notice in 2 ways by becoming a Camp Creative Subscriber.

If you want a brochure mailed to you then you will need to provide your mailing address and pay $5 at the previous camp.

If you want advance notice via email then become a subscriber by filling in your details on the home page of this website.

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Welcome to the Camp Creative bus fleet. We’ll pick you up!

Welcome to the Camp Creative bus fleet. We’ll pick you up!

Free shuttle service for Campers to get around between the different venues, the town centre and the showgrounds. Buses will stop and collect you if you are waiting at the designated points on the map (the circles).

Other pick up/drop off points may be available - talk to your driver.  


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