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Dance,Dance,Dance! - Salsa  NEW

Learn how to social dance within 15 minutes of your first lesson. No need to bring a partner!

Where did salsa come from? Why is it one of the most popular dance styles on the planet?

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  • Adults: $231.00
  • Under 18: $231.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Beginner
Time slot Afternoons only
Status Filling up.
Location Uniting Church Hall

More about the course

Participants could either do just this course or the morning Rock n Roll course or both courses.

Come and experience the energetic and fun Latin dance style called salsa! Participants will finish the course as confident salsa dancers and, with a sense of the culture and diversity that salsa music and dance has brought to the world.

Classes will be partnered work (no need to bring a partner) with a constant changing of partners so you get to dance with everyone.


Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Corrie’s first dance was figure skating at the age of six. As a teenager he became a martial artist, training predominantly in the Japanese martial art called Aikido. After University he began a dance apprenticeship, and in the last two decades, he has taught and trained in Australia, Cuba, Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Teaching and training is his passion, with more than 30 different dance styles in his repertoire. As music is the fuel of dance, he has also studied percussion and piano in Cuba, Europe and Australia. Corrie's focus as a teacher is towards connection, musicality, technique, and exploring soul on the dance floor.

Course Requirements

Comfortable (flat) footwear (or dance shoes),

Change of clothes recommended,


Water bottle

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