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Harmonica for Beginners

Get yourself a harmonica and carry an orchestra in your pocket – this expressive instrument is capable of a wide variety of tone colours and it is adaptable to almost any style of music.

Start as an absolute beginner and learn to play the variety of simple melodies and rhythms on a standard 10 hole diatonic harmonica, most commonly used in folk and blues. Learn how to hold and breathe with a harmonica, play single notes and even how to bend notes. Ben will take you through simple harmonica rhythms and blues structures and single note techniques for various styles of music. You’ll learn to play for traditional folk and blues tunes, all the way through to tunes from artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan. Start with playing simple solo pieces with a group, and enjoy informal jam sessions.

  • Adults: $242.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Beginner
Time slot Whole week - mornings only
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen Girl Guide & Scout Hall

More about the course

Some of the things covered across the week

Day One


  • Train Song
  • 'Piano Man', Billy Joel
  • 'Love Me Do', The Beatles
  • Folk harmonica song

Day Two


  • Harmonica layout


  • Waltzing Matilda 
  • 'Heart of Gold', Neil Young

Day Three


  • Bending
  • Tongue block waltz


  • 'On The Road Again', John Denver

Day Four


  • Octaves
  • Octave shuffle
  • 12 bar blues melody

Day Five


  • Tongue slap technique
  • Tongue slapping


  • Ode to Joy
  • Amazing Grace


Ben Goodger

Ben Goodger

Ben is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium and has taught and performed as a classical, jazz and blues musician for the past ten years. He currently resides in Northern New South Wales where he performs blues, gypsy jazz and classical guitar and teaches music privately.

Ben learned the harmonica as an adult and remembers how it feels to learn a new instrument. This makes him a great teacher for beginners on the harmonica.

Course Requirements

  • Hohner Blues Harp, Special 20 or Marine Band Harmonica (approx $60)
  • Folder and Pencil $5

Please contact Ben at bgoodger@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like more information

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