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Portraiture Made Easier

Portraiture is an immensely rewarding painting and drawing experience. However, portraiture is often avoided, being too difficult.

Connect with the creative right brain to take a different approach, with a lot more fun and enjoyment. Learn portraiture principles and techniques through hands on exercises and demonstrations, then work on a portrait piece of your choice. Start in black and white, then apply colour and tone. Break up time on your portrait piece with fun sketch works of your classmates.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

5 day plan outline

Day 1 An introduction to the principles of right brain and the techniques used to develop a smooth transition from left to right brain. Followed by a demonstration and then some more practice. All this work will be B&W

Day 2 Revision of the basic and more practice using different exercises commencing with a demonstration. Then a critique and some fun at various left to right brain exercises.  All this work will be B&W

Day 3 Applying what we have gleaned we will commence using colour and tone with particular emphasis on shapes etc, in relation to their particular portrait. I generally would do a demo at some part of the morning

Day 4 A repeat of Day 3, hopefully with another portrait and maybe back to basic if needed as very often this may be necessary.

Day 5 Finally, we should have time for final quick sketch portraits of each other to loosen up and then to apply finishing touches to our individual portraits and a final critique and show


George Partos

George Partos

I have no formal training and commenced my artistic journey when I retired some 12 years ago. The more I drew and painted the more I began to be drawn into the creative zone and the more I enjoyed it. However I also stumbled onto Betty Edward’s book “ Drawing on the right side of the brain” and this resonated with me and I practiced and developed my drawing and painting skills from there and still do. My philosophy is very much Right Side Brain and being Present in the Now.

The Journey continues and I hope to impart some of my experiences to the class

Course Requirements

Portraiture made easier Material List

  • Canvas boards or stretched canvas about A3 A4 size
  • Drawing pencils range typically from HB to 6B and/or charcoal.
  • Some black or coloured marking pens . Pad of std drawing paper.
  • Some sheers of black pastel paper.
  • Your preferred painting medium either acrylic or watercolour.
  • Photos of your favourite portraits. Desktop easel if preferred or backing board




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