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Start with Art  NEW

Have you always believed you ‘just weren't an artist' – but deep down wanted to try? This course will open opportunities for you as a beginner to explore and enjoy different mediums and approaches to art.

You'll gain practical skills to create attractive artworks and the design tips that make all the difference. Uncap acrylic paint to explore its special effects for painting and printmaking. Discover the hidden qualities of the right paper for pastels. Maureen will simplify for you watercolour painting, wet or dry. You'll use paper on paper to create striking images. Along the way, you'll understand the basics of how to arrange the components of a picture and the language of art.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Beginner
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

Monday: Using darks and lights in coloured paintings with an introduction to brushwork. Watercolour basics with lots of practical tips.

Tuesday: Colour Mixing. Acrylic paint for spontaneous abstracts and vivid monoprints

Wednesday: Considering shapes and forms. What makes a successful arrangement? Soft pastels and the right paper for enjoyable dry painting.

Thursday: Bringing all the theory together. Paper on paper lets us explore realism.

Friday: Examining our creations.  How to escape self-criticism. Touch ups to make the pictures pop. The power of pure white and mixed blacks.

Please contact Maureen on moround@gmail.com if you have any questions or need more info.


Maureen Eley-Round

Maureen Eley-Round

Maureen has had a lifetime of enjoying visual art. She was asked to teach the full term of a  high school art course while a student in year twelve and has never stopped helping others unleash their creativity.  After earning degrees at Canadian universities, Maureen enjoyed twenty-five years teaching art in schools and colleges in Canada.  When she moved to Australia she began creating, teaching and administering with Mixed Up Art in Bellingen.

Course Requirements

All materials for the various art styles will be provided by the tutor for $55. This is payable to the tutor on the first day of the course.


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