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Art In Panorama - Concertina Sketchbooks  NEW

Keep your artwork flowing across unfolding panoramic pages, to produce a unique sketchbook.

You'll create books with pages folded or stitched together, that you can open from just a single page to multiple stretches of pages, adjustable to capture the scope of what you want to draw in the moment. By binding your own books, you create space for wide, overlapping and continuous art. You'll make use of your book's portability and learn how to capture your environment as a flow – sketch and paint landscapes, travel, moods. Sharron will show you how to take the concertina structure and make it organic and textured, using paint and stitching. From there, you'll learn how to apply mixed media techniques and explore combinations of different materials – ink, pens, paint and collage.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 14+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen Public School

More about the course

In this class, you will make 2 books. You will learn some great mixed media techniques, then start to fill in those white pages.

These could be memories from a holiday, patterns seen in nature, or just meanderings and mark making. You don’t need to be artistic to create your own books.

These books are equally suitable for travel journals, personal memoirs or beautiful gifts.

The first book is a concertina style, wherein paper is folded to form pages, then covers are made to protect the book while sketching outdoors. No sewing is involved. This book will be prepared with some underpainting and/or collage using various techniques, then further collage is added as sketches and marks are made in response to the environment one is working in.

For the second book both sides of a sheet of thin card are prepared with ‘dribbles’ of watercolour or acrylic paint. From this page, organic shapes for pages are cut using templates and assembled using a very simple pamphlet stitch with needle and thread. It is then intriguing and challenging to find imaginary animals and other objects appearing among the shapes formed by the paint patterns! These are then enhanced with pencils, crayons and markers, then a painted background completes the book.

If you have any questions please contact Sharron on asharron19@yahoo.com




Sharron Arnold

Sharron Arnold is an experienced art teacher leading workshops and classes in book binding, eco printing, gelliprinting, watercolour and mixed media journaling. Her work is regularly exhibited in group shows across the Mid-North Coast.

Course Requirements

  • A Plastic Table Cover– cheap option is a shower curtain!
  • Support for Sketchbooks/Collage – 2 large sheets of thin white card (newsagents) approx. 25” x 20. I will have pre-cut board for book covers.
  • Papers and various other items– you may not use all these, but variety adds interest!  Rice papers, an old National Geographic, white tissue paper, dressmaking paper patterns, an old novel (with or without foreign text) – yellowed pages are great, brown paper bag, newspaper pages, etc. Whatever you can find at home will be fine!
  •  Masking tape, Dry Wall Plasterers tape –Bunnings has this. It is a roll of white plastic (!)mesh, sticky on one side for joining gyprock seams!
  • Mediums and Glue (Adhesives) - White gesso (Mont Marte will work fine), Glue stick, Matt Medium (art shops)
  • Brushes - Bristle brush for glue, a brush for use with acrylic paint – ¾” or so.
  • Mark making tools and other stuff - Ruler and pencil, Paper scissors, Posca pens, White Signo or gel pen (Office Works), paper towel, a ½ sheet of fine sandpaper, 2 or 3 tubes of your favourite colours in acrylic paint to paint paper for book covers! Include a tube of black, please.
  • Pens & Pencils etc. - Fine & Medium Sharpie permanent black pens, any other pens & coloured pencils, inks(acrylic and/or Quink),  water-soluble crayons (if you have them)
  • Stencils and texture plates you may have. These add some lovely texture or layers when used with gesso or for making rubbings.
  • An apron - we will be using acrylic paint!
  • A mug (for tea or coffee); lunch and snacks - you can bring your own or sample the delights from our famous Bellingen cafes or preorder from the High School canteen.

Subject Resources:

Bring sketches, photographs, pictures or other resources from which to work. Cityscapes, gardens, boats and seascapes make interesting subjects. We will also be sketching outside during the week and “urban sketching” in Bellingen’s main street if the weather is favourable.

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