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Cooking Around The World

Take your tastebuds around the world, from the fresh summer flavours of France to the spices of the Middle East.

Make entertaining easy, by learning tips and techniques to cook impressive dinner party dishes, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Learn health conscious life-style cooking, utilising sustainable seasonal produce from backyards food gardens and local growers’ markets. Grow your culinary experience and master the principles of cookery, as you create the flavours and styles of Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian and French cuisine.

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  • Adults: $396.00
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Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole Day
Status Available.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

Got a special dietary need? Let them know in advance and they’ll show you how to adapt the recipes for different requirements. Take a journey with Lior and Kenton, integrating food styles and cooking principles, utilising sustainable seasonal produce from our backyard and growers’ markets. Your culinary experience is guaranteed to provide an eclectic exploration into the world of the chef’s mindset, cookery principals, hospitality and the gastronomy of life.

A whole day will be devoted to each country’s cuisine. You will do four countries during the week with Kenton and Lior alternating with each group. On the final day a celebratory banquet incorporating the week’s recipes will be held. 

This year we will be discovering new recipes whilst creating a dinner party menu. Recipes with make ahead potential with quality ingredients. Making entertaining easy, and stress free for the home chef/ cook.

Printed recipes will be provided and if you want to bring your own knife please feel free.  It is essential that you provide your own apron and covered foot wear.

As we are in the school’s commercial cooking/ hospitality rooms everything else is provided.

These recipes can be adapted for specific diets. Due to time limitations, two weeks prior notice of dietary needs will require direct communication with Kenton Shaw at dorrigowholefoods@gmail.com. or Lior Klipin at lior.klipin@gmail.com


Kenton Shaw

Kenton Shaw

Kenton’s family moved to the NSW mid-north coast in 1981 and he began his career at the tender age of 10, mashing bananas for smoothies and making the famous chocolate-coated bananas at the Big Banana. He has been cooking in the region now for 20 years, culminating as owner/chef of the highly regarded Misty’s restaurant in Dorrigo. Kenton is both passionate and well informed about the region and its cuisine. During his time operating Misty’s, he took part in initiatives such as “Paddock to the Plate”, a program using local produce that integrated food and cooking styles with seasonal produce from our backyards or growers’ markets. He has participated in many food festivals and cooking demonstrations and has conducted cooking schools celebrating cuisines from around the world. His latest project working with the Coffs Harbour City Council as project officer for the Harvest publication (a Regional Cookbook) is an exciting development for the region. This is Kenton's 4th year as a tutor at Camp Creative.


Lior Klipin

Lior Klipin

Lior grew up in Bellingen, surrounded by a beautiful culture of food.  He started cooking in restauraants during high school and since getting qualified as a chef has worked locally and in Melbourne in a range of different restaurants.  His passion is connecting sustainable produce to good cooking, to create happiness through food. 

Course Requirements

$120 payable to the tutor on the first day to cover all the ingredients needed for this exciting tour for your taste buds.

You will be eating throughout the day so morning tea and lunch is covered. All equipment is provided, but you could bring your favourite knife, if you have one and please wear covered shoes.

Recipes can be adapted for specific diets. Due to time limitations, two weeks prior notice of dietary needs will require direct communication with Kenton Shaw at dorrigowholefoods@gmail.com. or Lior Klipin at lior.klipin@gmail.com

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