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Guitar Horizons - Beginner & Intermediate

Take your beginner playing to the next level and dive deep into the magical world of the guitar.

Many guitar players will often find that their playing comes to a bit of a standstill once they pass the beginner phase. Bypass the confusion of YouTube and online tutorials, and instead fully immerse yourself in a week of playing. If you can play simple material, including chords, riffs and melodies, this course will show you things you never thought possible.

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  • Adults: $396.00
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Age 12+
Skill Level Beginner & Intermediate
Time slot Whole Day
Status Available.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

“When the guitar becomes you
And the fingertips your heart
That’s when the music begins...”

100% satisfaction guaranteed for guitar lovers.

Whilst there are no restrictions on the styles of guitar that will be explored in the course, participants are encouraged to nominate their preferred level of experience from the following categories:

1.  Beginner: Very little experience/ familiarity with the guitar. 

2.  Intermediate: some understanding of how to play simple things (i.e. chords, riffs and melodies)

3.  Advanced: Ability to play scales, more complex riffs, chord progressions, songs and an understanding of how to read either tablature or traditional notation.

The students will be separated into these categories, receiving tuition in group settings. Participants will also have the opportunity to play together in an ‘all in’ guitar orchestra.

This course takes you through more complex techniques, as well as practical, theoretical concepts, then move into improvisation, composition and group performing.

As you learn, you'll go on a journey through folk, Latin, classical, jazz, rock and pop.

Over the week you'll build a repertoire of new pieces as you improve your skills and bring your talent alive.  


Keen to find out more about your tutor?

Website: www.mountainroseguitar.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mountainroseguitar/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mountainroseguitar/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/MontañaRoseGuitar/



Rose De la Montana

Rose De la Montana

Rose is a fingerstyle classical guitarist with a love for solo American guitar music.  She is also a songwriter and arranger, with a Masters in Music Performance from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Course Requirements

  • Beginning students are strongly encouraged to bring a nylon string guitar as they are much easier on the fingers. 
  • Other optional things to bring: Footstool/ guitar support, music stand, paper, pencil/pen. 
  • your guitar
  • a notebook and pen 

If you have any questions please contact Rose at rose@mountainroseguitar.com

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