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Landscape Photography

Join adventure photographer Timothy Poulton to explore and shoot around the rainforests, mountain tops, beautiful beaches and coastlines of the area.

You’ll learn on location as you shoot at the best times of day, including early sunrises and evening sunsets. As an advanced amateur photographer, you’ll use your skills in Adobe Photoshop for daily post-processing sessions, followed by group critiques. This is a unique opportunity to get individual level tuition with a landscape photographer whose experience and eye will support you to learn advanced techniques, improve your craft and take your photography to the next level.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

Prices include GST


Age 16+
Skill Level Advanced
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen Youth Hub

More about the course

Shoot in stunning locations

Explore and learn the art of finding the best locations as you shoot in the forests, beaches, mountaintops and coastlines of the Bellingen, Dorrigo, Urunga and Coffs Coast areas.

You'll need to be ready to shoot at the best times of day - be prepared for a few early sunrise starts and evening sunset shoots.


Master digital photography editing

Each day you'll work in the classroom on daily post-processing sessions. Tim will teach you professional techniques to work with your images using Adobe Photoshop and help you understand the theory as well as the techniques of digital editing.


Take total control - use manual mode

You may have started using manual settings on your camera, but are still figuring out when and how to create the best exposure for shots in different settings.

If you're a self-taught photographer, you've possibly learnt through reading online and watching YouTube tutorials.

Override the confusion - work with Tim in the classroom and in the field. He'll teach you the theory behind manual settings and how to apply them as you take your photos. He'll teach you how to adjust aperture, ISO and shutter speed on your camera as you shoot, and then guide you in reviewing images during post-processing the following day.

You'll finish the course with the confidence to always use your camera in manual mode, to get the right shots as you want them.


Course Features

  • Receive personal photography tuition at each location from International award-winning photographer Timothy Poulton.
  • Extensive group critiquing session
  • Daily post-processing sessions


Skill Level

This course is suitable for advanced amateur photographers. You will need to be comfortable with digital photo editing software - this is a course for more advanced photographers.

You need to download and be familiar with Adobe Photoshop before the Camp, as at least half of the course is based on the use of appropriate software. The trial version is ok.


Student Feedback

2018 Camp Creative Survey

"I did know a lot before starting the course but it really improved my soft skills of composition and that was a combination of great instruction and class feedback."

"Tim clearly knew his stuff, he knew the right places to visit and the workflow we learning in the classroom took our landscape photography to the next level."

"I learnt a lot so it was definitely worth doing. Despite doing Creative Digital Photography 2 years ago, I was not confident using my camera on Manual settings. After doing Tim's course, I am much more competent in fully Manual mode."


2019 Camp Survey

"Course was wonderful - Tim was well prepared, presented very comprehensive, clear content, sunset and sunrise shoots - fun and exciting."

"Need to make sure that people know that Tim is really serious about making us better photographers. This is not a course for someone who just wants to go with the flow."

"Tim knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable, generous with his expertise and with material to take home for us to continue our photographic journey, great experience."


Tim Poulton

Tim Poulton

Inspired primarily by landscapes, Timothy Poulton started his extreme photography adventure business a few years ago to “wake people up and help them reconnect to nature and themselves”.

A resident of Sydney, he travels to all corners of the globe to capture the magnificent diversity of our planet but as he says he is fortunate to live in Australia:

We have such a diverse wealth of landscapes - stunning coastlines, fragile alpine ranges, harsh desert lands, ancient rainforests… it’s truly a landscape photographer’s paradise.

With a background in graphic design and a passion for digital technology, Timothy became obsessed with landscape photography in 2009. 

His first big win came in 2010 with the International Aperture Awards for his photo Shocking Bondi which captured the split-second magnificence of lightning striking in an electrical storm beyond the heads of Australia’s Bondi Beach. A stream of accolades followed including numerous awards, a NiSi Filters Ambassadorship, multiple Epson Pano Awards and a spot on the judging panel. 

The combination of travel, adventure and comradery spurred Timothy on to explore the far reaches of his home country and beyond. Always amazed by Earth’s diversity and the intoxicating mix of light, atmosphere, ancient geology and the ever-changing seasons, the countries Tim has travelled to include Patagonia, Iceland, British Columbia, New Zealand and Norway, to name a few. 

Enthusiastic to share his passion and knowledge Timothy created One Of A Kind Photography Adventures which has become Australia’s leading photography tour and workshop company

Get inspired by checking out his work on Instagram, 500px and at One Of A Kind Photography Adventures 


Course Requirements

Skill Level Required: Suitable for advanced amateur photographers.

Fitness Level / Difficulty: Moderate. Some easy-pace walking required at various locations.

Equipment / Clothing Required:

  • Laptop
  • Digital OR Film Camera (Digital is preferred as it allows for on-location photo critique)
  • Tripod
  • Filters (Optional)
  • Sturdy, Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Suitable clothing for wet and dry weather condition.
  • Be prepared for a few early sunrise starts and evening sunset shoots.

Important:  You will need to be comfortable with digital photo editing software - this is a course for more advanced amateur photographers. You need to download and be familiar with Adobe Photoshop before the Camp, as at least half of the course is based on the use of appropriate software. The trial version is ok.



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