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Layering Art - Creative Collage

Do you have a collection of saved and interesting paper, tear outs, bits of fabric and general stuff you have been saving, have wanted to use but never have – for years? Take a journey into self-expression through creative layering and collage.

Open to all levels of creative experience, Denise will take you through the fundamentals of colour, design and composition to prepare you to fully immerse yourself in the creative collaging process. In abstract or realistic works, play with colour, texture, images and discarded ephemera, and combine with patterned paper and paint. Add drawn and stitched lines to create a completed two-dimensional image. Be set free to create, combining your own life experiences with new skills.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

There will be demonstrations on creating the ground to work on plus colouring more paper with colours and patterns you love. When these are dry they will be used to glue on to the surface, and will extend the collection of stuff that you have brought with you.

Students will learn how to cut and tear and manipulate different papers, see what happens to the edges when you tear it in different directions. You will learn to find those fragments of colour that you just might want to use in the middle of an illustration from an old magazine article. You will learn how to deal with glue, then how to add drawn and stitched lines to create a completed two-dimensional image.

Part of the demonstrations and discussions will be on how to go about designing your working surface, and how to work with colours. Students will be able to choose an abstract or realistic way of working. 

This is a chance to express your ideas freely, once you have been guided through some technical knowledge.


Student Feedback

2019 Camp Creative Survey

"Denise is an exceptional teacher. She created a warm and supportive classroom climate and encouraged us to experiment with a range of techniques and processes to create beautiful works of art.
Denise is flexible enough to encourage students to choose their own materials (for example I used gouache rather than watercolour for some of my works) and develop their own ideas while engaging in the artmaking process but also very skilled in giving students positive and useful feedback about how to develop and create unique artworks."

"Denise Vanderlugt is a treasure. She shares her own experiences in order to help us see the process and how ideas can organically evolve. Her knowledge and willingness to share were exceptional.
Her skills are second to none and her sense of humour was great. I finished the week very happy and with new skills that are certainly useful for my acrylic painting."


Student Emails to Denise

"Since getting home, I’ve cleared my desk space – following your suggestion – to create space to see and think about current work. It’s a good discipline – I’m such a stacker and piler!
It was such a great class and time in Bellingen. I so appreciated your insights and way of teaching."

"I was going to say how special the experience of being in your class with all the other women was. I have probably never before been in a class of people who were so supportive, positive and encouraging, and a lot of that was due to your exceptional teaching.
You really created the environment in which we all felt comfortable to learn, experiment and develop our artworks."

"It was really the best experience I have had at Camp Creative and I have been five times before. I have already booked my accommodation for next year and I hope you are teaching "Adventures in Collage" again because I will re-enrol! I learnt so much and want to continue learning."


Denise Vanderlugt

Denise Vanderlugt

Denise lives in the Whitsundays, Queensland and has been working as a full time artist since 1982.

Her images are of the natural world, largely inspired by her own large bush garden and the surrounding area of rainforest, sea and wetlands.  She works in many mediums with quilt making as her primary practice. Her other pursuits are painting and collage, coiled basketry, artists books and printmaking.

All of this combined knowledge goes into her own practice of collage with watercolour, which she developed herself, from the desire to create her own personal palette of colours.

In 2007, Denise published her children’s book ‘WHERE RAINBOWS LIVE’, for which she received two international awards for self-publishing.

In 2009, as one of Strand Ephemera Townsville sculptors, Denise hung 105 rainbow jellyfish in a big tree. These jellyfish were made from recycled materials with the coiled basketry technique.

Her work has been featured in books and magazines in Australia and overseas.

Course Requirements

  • Watercolour paints, palette and watercolour brushes large and small.
  • 300gm watercolour papers to create your collage work on with paint and glue. You may like to bring more small pieces of paper to work on, plus extra for trials. Bring as much as you think you will need for five days, and you can also be adventurous with the base you work on.
  • A4 paper - 50 sheets
  • Mark making pens and pencils
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • PVA Aquadhere glue
  • Variety of different sized cheap bristle brushes for gluing
  • Small towel and paper towels for working with watercolour paints.
  • Rags for glue clean up, plastic bag for a wet rag.
  • Old newspapers or an old telephone book for gluing, and to keep work surfaces clean.
  • Two tall water jars for brushes
  • Apron or old shirt
  • Paper scissors large and small
  • Needle nose tweezers
  • Cutting board
  • Retractable blade knife
  • Awl or sharp compass (sharp implement)
  • Masking tape

If you are a sewer: bits of fabric and fabric scissors, interesting threads in various colours plus different size chenille needles for sewing through work surfaces.

Different and interesting papers: wallpaper, wrapping paper, handmade papers, coloured papers, fancy papers, old envelopes, old sheet music, old maps, old photos, old calendars, scrap drawings, scrap prints, newspaper, magazines with photos, tear outs, old books, tissue paper, foil chocolate wrappers, brown paper and corrugated cardboard.

Denise is happy to talk with students on the phone 07 4945 1326.

All materials can be purchased locally.  Contact Gail Cardow from Island Art Shop & Studio on 02 66556822 to place your order before the Camp. Gail also delivers each day of the camp.

You can also email Gail at gail@islandartshop.com.au or via her Facebook page

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