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Living Lightly  NEW

Learn how to live more in balance with Planet Earth. Work with experienced sustainable living mentors to build your own ‘Living Lightly Plan’.

Get hands on with the concepts of permaculture in the local community garden, to cook local food. Visit local sustainable houses and meet their owners to learn how they work. Work with a renewable energy expert to develop your own personal energy plan. Learning how to make waste-free cleaning and personal care products, as well as ways live a low waste lifestyle. Work on your own self sustainability and explore how to stay healthy and balanced your day to day life, in light of increasing environmental stress and anxiety. This is an opportunity to build the knowledge, skills, and personal intention necessary to live lightly on our planet.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status Available.
Location Bellingen Youth Hub

More about the course

Monday: Introduction to the Living Lightly personal plan design and activities, followed by an introduction to Permaculture as ecological design, a community garden visit, and cooking a local food lunch together.

Tuesday: The theme for the day will be homes, looking at materials and design, water use, and gardens. Participants will participate in a tour of sustainable housing in the local area, with visits to 3-4 houses, where the owners will explain why and how these homes are sustainable.

Wednesday: The theme for the day will be energy use. A renewable energy expert will share all the latest technologies and help participants create a personal plan to reduce their energy usage on a macro level. On a micro level, participants will look at personal energy use and how we recharge ourselves!

Thursday: The theme for the day will be personal products. The latest information about single use plastic, recycling, and waste will be the topic of the introductory discussion. The rest of the day will be dedicated to exploring our personal choices and learning how to make waste-free cleaning products and personal care products.

Friday: The theme for the day will be personal sustainability and will include group discussions and activities that explore how to stay healthy and balanced in our day to day lives, in light of increasing environmental stress and anxiety. Each participant will have the opportunity to share and celebrate their completed “Living Lightly Plan” with the group.




Lisa Siegel

Lisa Siegel

Lisa is a long time teacher and environmental educator, working with all ages in both schools and the community. She is a founding member of the Centre for Ecological Learning.

The Centre for Ecological Learning (CEL) has been providing nature-based educational activities to children, young people, and adults since 2007. Their mentors are professional environmental educators passionate about providing an immersive, safe, and inspiring experience of reconnection our natural environment.

Course Requirements

A material cost of $50 to cover cooking materials and ingredients for personal care/cleaning products. This will need to be paid to the tutor on the first day of the course.

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