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Oil Painting - Loose and Easy  NEW

Discover the expressive world of oil painting. Begin with the fundamentals and how best to employ them in your art practice.

Learn about working with oil painting materials, the fundamental skills of tone and composition, different ways of applying paint, how to organize your palette and how to name, mix and match colours. A dynamic tutor and demonstrator, Chris will share with you observing and painting approaches to landscapes in oils, creating depth using colour, tone and perspective. Take your landscape work outside, with En Plein teaching sessions and individual works. Chris will give you the confidence to keep your work simple, loose and vibrant.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 18+
Skill Level Intermediate
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

Day one

  • An introduction to the class to the materials and palette arrangements of oil paint.
  • Demo by me using white board of basic perspective and how it rates to your painting.
  • Discussion on tones and how they relate to the landscape followed by a demo on the use of a tonal plan of our simple landscape
  • The class will then practice this lesson in doing their own painting .
  • After we will take this a step further by applying tonal colour to our sketch, finally refining colour to make our small sketch into a finished piece.

Day two

  • An introduction of drawing more complex shapes vehicles people and boats.
  • I will show how, on the white board and then the students will have to workout in their drawing pads from photos supplied ,If time permits we will start another painting using these more complex shapes. Example a simple towns cape with a vehicle and people.

Day Three

  • If possible day three will be a field day, were we will find some where we can paint Plein Aire using the techniques \learnt in the past 2 days. I will do a quick field study showing the main points to be considered in doing a Plein Aire study. After which the class will do likewise .

Day Four

  • This can be another field study at a different location, subject to the majority agreeing. Again I will do a quick study followed by the class painting what they would like to paint

Day Five

  • This will be a revision day where we will finish work not finished Assess what we have learnt Followed by a critique and appraisal of what we have done.. Clean and tidy up the room followed by a class display of our work if that is apart of the Art Camp agenda.


Chris Blake

Chris Blake has been painting for over thirty years. He is a multi-award winning artist and is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia. He is also a dynamic and gifted art tutor. 

Course Requirements

Material requirements

  • Basic set of oil paints
  • Alizarine crimson [hue]                Additional colours
  • Lemon Yellow                                  Light Red
  • Cad Orange                                       Phthalo green
  • Burnt Sienna                                      Cad Red
  • Ultramarine Blue                           Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Umber
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Raw Sienna
  • Titanium White
  • Gesso
  • Loose canvas or canvas boards14x11 16x12 18x14
  • [If loose canvas allow enough 100mm all round for stretching ] or less for gluing onto backing ply
  • Brushes 4 6 8 12 hog, brights or flats


All Materials can be purchased locally.  Contact Gail Cardow from Island Art Shop & Studio on 02 66556822 to place your order prior to the Camp. Gail also delivers each day of the camp.

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