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Ukulele - Melodies and Strum

Expand your basic ukulele strum and chords experience and bring your playing to life, by adding off-beat strums and cool riffs.

This course is for more experienced ukers, with two separate classes: one for developing strumming and rhythm-picking skills; the other to improve ability in picking melodies and playing riffs. You’ll learn how to add musical texture through emphasis, tempo and expression to achieve diverse musical styles. You’ll also learn how to transpose a song’s key to suit your voice, use cheat chords to progress to increasingly complex songs, play the twelve-bar walkin’ blues and try some improvisation during instrumental breaks.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

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Age 16+
Skill Level Intermediate & Advanced
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen Public School

More about the course

The strumming and picking groups will mainly work separately, however at least one session per day will involve the two groups working together on arrangements that have both strumming and picking elements for all skill levels.

Please check the skill levels info below to see which group best suits you. There will also be opportunities to move between the groups as the mood takes you!

This year the course will be located in the centre of town, so opportunities for flash mob performances will be high on the agenda, as well as singing and playing at canoe course launch down at the river!

You will also learn some tricks of the trade, including how to:

  • transpose a song’s key to suit your voice
  • use cheat chords to progress to increasingly complex songs
  • make your ukulele ring with a sweet, confident tone
  • play the twelve-bar walkin’ blues
  • try some improvisation during instrumental breaks


Sample Repertoire

The repertoire will be supplied in comprehensive course booklets that include a range of genres such as retro folk classics, Celtic favourites, cool jazz, hot Latin, upbeat swing, golden oldies, rock rhythm and blues, foot-tappin’ country, romantic waltz, smooth soul, evocative blues, and melodious Hawaiian.


Student Feedback

2019 Camp Creative Survey

"While my picking style is still developing, I am much more confident in knowing where to find the notes, how to read tablature and align it to musical notation to get the timing right and I have a bunch of resources to help me continue to improve. I’ve definitely stepped up a level in my ukulele practice."

2018 Camp Creative Survey

"Both Angie and Cathie were unfailingly cheerful and well prepared, they provided a lot of information and demonstrations of songs and techniques, they were very encouraging and quite a lot of fun.

I learnt a lot thanks to their musical prowess, their interactive teaching style and the mix of theory and practice. Thanks, Angie and Cathie!"

2017 Camp Creative Survey

"Angie provided a structured course moving from the simple in the beginning to the more complex. She catered for the different levels in the group. Her course challenged me and met my needs. She was enthusiastic about music and music history and transmitted her love of music and poetry in music to us.

Angie could not have done a better job. She was fabulous. I hope I am in the position to do this course again and improve my skills as I was probably the least skilled participant in the group. I loved the idea of combining the plucking and the strumming group. I thought this collaboration was marvellous."



Cathy Welsford

Cathy Welsford

Cathy been playing, performing and teaching music all her life. Previously an internationally touring choir director, she now teaches ukulele to students, as well as in community groups, schools, and at festivals. 










Angie Smith

Angie Smith

Angie is a ukulele teacher, singer-songwriter with a PhD in Education, and over thirty years’ experience of teaching in universities and community arts programs. Her regular ukulele classes assist players with both playing and singing skills.

Course Requirements

Skill Level

To enrol in this course it’s expected that you:

  • will be able to play a few more chords than just C, F and G7
  • have played ukulele for at least one year
  • will be able to change between known chords fairly confidently

If you want to learn to play melodies and riffs you’ll need to be ready to:

  • practise playing the C scale.  (When you enrol it will be sent to you). Start now!
  • pick and pluck the strings with your fingers and thumb
  • read either tablature (tab) or musical notation

Bring along

  • music stand
  • pencil and eraser
  • water bottle
  • a sense of humour!



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