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Walking On Gumbaynggirr Homeland

This is unique! It is an opportunity to appreciate the Earth, our mother, the land and the spirits in the land and waters of Gumbaynggirr country.

You will experience the culture, listening to Dreaming stories, singing songs (which hold the sounds of the place) around the camp fire at night and the thrill of gathering, catching food, cooking it and eating it on an open fire. Uncle Micklo is a dynamic person with a contagious enthusiasm for life. This week you can be guaranteed to have fun while exploring another way of seeing the world. It is an opportunity to allow a less structured, an Indigenous experience of country, touch you, as a custodian of this place shares his country with you.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

Prices include GST


Age 6+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole Day
Status Filling up. There are only 1 places available.
Location Bellingen Public School

More about the course

 Quote from young participant from Walking on Gumbaynggirr Homeland 2018.....“ I think that one of the best things – other than meeting so many new people – was that everything you did had a purpose. You weren’t stoking the fire to keep yourself warm, you were doing it to cook dinner for everyone else. That really made you appreciate that everything you usually do is to entertain and occupy yourself. And that tends to make you realise how self-absorbed you can be.”

Structure of the course:

Monday will be spent at Bellingen High School. Tuesday we will travel to Gaagal Waangan, where we will set up camp. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we will be camping and experiencing living and learning, with Uncle Micklo and from the land itself. Thursday afternoon we will return to Bellingen. Friday we will be back at BHS and expect to celebrate our time together before winding up around lunchtime on Friday.

Access to the camp site is via water. Canoes will carry the people. Children will need to wear lifejackets. There will be a boat for carrying the equipment.

Participants: This course is for 10 people only. All need to be comfortably mobile to get in and out of canoes, walk up sand-hills and manage sleeping out.  Families are welcome, children need to be accompanied by parent/s or grandparents. It is preferable for children to be at least 6 years old.

• Native food gathering. (oysters, mussels, pippies, fish, crabs, water, jidi, plants).
• Digging for a freshwater (well).
• Traditional Fire Making & cooking.
• Gumbaynggirr Dreaming Stories around a camp fire.
• Learning Gumbaynggirr Language & Traditional songs.
• Bush Walking.
• Fishing.
• Swimming.
• Canoeing.
• Body art.



Uncle Micklo

Uncle Micklo

Uncle Micklo is a well-respected Gumbaynggirr man. His ancestors belong to the sea and rainforests of the Nambucca River. In his current position of Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Language and Cultural Teacher, Uncle Micklo is responsible for the quality of the Gumbaynggirr language programs across the region. He supports Gumbaynggirr language teachers with their planning and classroom presentation and provides professional development for the teachers. He also sings traditional and contemporary Gumbaynggirr songs. Apart from earning qualifications in Early Childhood Education, as well as a Bachelor of Teaching from Macquarie University and a Masters in Indigenous Language Education from Sydney University, Uncle Micklo has found time to be a father of 13 children and a grandfather of three. This is his fourth time as a tutor at Camp Creative.



Course Requirements

Participants need to bring the following equipment:

• Tent.

• Sleeping bag.

• Water.

• Sunscreen.

• Toilet Paper.

• Tooth Brush & paste.

• Fishing gear.

•  Food (fruit, vegies, nuts, tea, cereal, milk)

• Canoe (if you have one)

• Torch, candles, lamps

• Clothes.


If everyone could be prepared to contribute food to share, then there will not be a need to collect money for food. It will also be possible to buy food on Monday, locally but once again everyone who eats needs to contribute.


Uncle Micklo will provide:

• Boat for transferring equipment.

• Cooking equipment

• Tools like shovel, hammer, screw drivers, nets, bags, saucepans, axe, saw, small digging tools, fire making kit.

•  Ochre, body paint

• Fishing lines and bait to fish Gumbaynggirr way

• Fruit and nuts to augment native foods.

• If you need Uncle Micklo to provide canoes he can do that for $44 for one canoe (which will carry 2 people) for the 4 days


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