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Wood and Resin  NEW

The shine and colour of resin against timber has made it a quickly growing design trend.

Resin is a versatile medium, with the ability to add a range of colour tints, as well as elements such as dried flowers, glitters, shells and stones to make each piece a custom design. You’ll get a choice of projects, including a coffee table, serving boards, a lazy susan and small items such as jewellery and key rings. Try new skills such as making simple jigs and using moulds for pouring resin, simplified joinery techniques, chiselling designs in timber and fine finish sanding. You’ll be taken through using power tools such as drills and drivers, hole saws, orbital sander and grinders. Learn about different glues and fillers and discover the variety of aesthetic looks available for timber and resin finishes.

  • Adults: $418.00
  • Under 18: $242.00

Prices include GST


Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole week - full days
Status 2022 details coming soon.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

Experienced students may be able to finish more than one of the project choices during the week – to be discussed on the first day.

Project Choices:

  • Coffee Table – River or featured live edge slab top (a few different pre-cut and flattened choices will be available for purchase on the first day) with resin detail. The legs and rails will be dressed and ready for you to sand, finish and attach to the top you make with brackets and bolts),
  • Lazy Susan(s) (bearings will be available for purchase) and/or Serving Board(s)
  • Small trinkets / charms etc (some key ring, earring and/or pendant attachments will be available to complete these pieces)


Sarah Andersen

Sarah Andersen

Sarah Andersen is a furniture designer, making commissioned pieces and doing restorations. She also runs a local gallery with two longtime Camp Creative woodwork tutors, showcasing their work and others from around the region.

"As long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed the creative process – from initial thoughts through to sketches, models, construction – trials and tribulations - and most of all completion. I love that mistakes can often lead to a better result than the original idea - or at the very least it can inspire a new idea or teach a new skill or technique."

Course Requirements

Wood & Resin materials & requirements list

There will be a basic level materials and consumables cost of $50.00 per student which is payable to the tutor on the first day.

This will cover sundry items such as sandpaper, glues, biscuits (the timber joining sort), jig materials, tape, oils and finishes and a couple of small resin trinket items. 

Each project choice shall have additional fees for timber elements, accessories and a consideration for the amount of resin to be used in your design, payable to the tutor on the first day.

I will bring a selection of timber and plywood for you to choose from. 

Estimated project costs: 

$250 for the coffee table, $100 for each lazy susan (includes bearing), $60 for each serving board, $5 for each trinket/charm. Exact costs and selections will be discussed on the first day so we can factor this into your design(s) and budget.

Things you will need:

  • Covered footwear (no open-toed thongs or sandals), 
  • HB pencil, 
  • ear muffs or plugs, eye protection,
  • disposable dust masks, 
  • latex gloves – a few pairs.  
  • Long hair will need to be tied back or netted.

Please note that resins are toxic and adequate protection must be taken at all times.

Please contact Sarah on sazando@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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