Music for Kids – Bang, Crash, Screech, Wallop!

Come be inspired by the world of music and sound in all its forms – no experience necessary! Experiment with various sound worlds via improvisation, movement, self-made instruments, sound sculptures, masked characterisation and the natural environment.

You’ll explore music from various cultures and styles and learn about the elements used to organise sound: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, dynamics, texture and form.


Course Info

Make instruments from recycled materials and found natural objects, and create masks to characterise simple musical improvisations together in small and large groups.

Delve into the everyday music of your own world, using the sounds of nature, objects, food, materials and our bodies to create a range of soundscapes.

Build musical sculptures and pendulums out of found objects, installing them in the natural environment.

You’ll interact with these creations using musical vocabulary collected throughout the week.

You can look forward to a fun-filled week of exploration, complemented by a wide variety of hands-on activities.

To be supplied by participant

Children are invited to bring a variety of safe and clean recycled objects: empty food packaging and containers, paper towel rolls, tubes, bottles, cartons, rubber bands, sticks, and decorative items to contribute to the collection used across the week.


$25 will cover all other materials and this is payable to the tutor on the first day of the Camp.

Maryanne Piper
Course Tutor

Maryanne Piper

Maryanne is an award-winning musician and educator from New England NSW, active internationally with her love of music and the arts.

She studied at Queensland and Sydney Conservatorium before scholarships and awards took her to Europe. Her studies continued across various music disciplines at some of the world’s leading music institutions.

Maryanne is known for her cross-over approach to jazz, world, classical and contemporary music and can be heard on the likes of the ABC, BBC, CBC and WDR.

Maryanne is dedicated to supporting and creating quality children’s culture. She has developed and contributed to commissioned children’s theatre pieces internationally that incorporate cross-genre music improvisation, contemporary dance, and interactive sensory stage materials.

Her workshops also explore the relationship between language literacy and music. She has over twenty years of experience across five continents, inspiring many young ears and minds during her travels