Hot Strum for Cool Ukers

If you're now beyond the basics, get ready to learn new strums and rhythmic picking to add quality to your playing. You'll expand your basic strumming and chording to create beautiful vibrant music with exciting rhythms and captivating melodies.

If you can strum six to eight basic ukulele chords and change between them easily, it might be time to break away from the same old dreary strums.

Learn new techniques through the rhythms of cool blues, hot rock, mellow folk, country swing and jazz pizazz. Try out some simple strums and rhythmic picks in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time that re-interpret the songs you love and add quality to your playing style.

Many hit songs share the same chords, but strum techniques make a big difference. This course encourages you to try different rhythms, tempos and accents, add musical texture and expression, and expand your chord range. It includes blues, folk, jazz, country swing, Latin and rock. You’ll soon have your audiences foot-tapping to those old favourites and your new creations.

There is minimal music theory involved.


Course Info

All songs and techniques are provided in hard copy to enable you to cruise through a range of innovative skills laid out clearly in step-by-step worksheets that you’ll be able to refer to later when considering ways to enhance your playing and add depth to your performances. You’ll emerge from the week having acquired enhanced strumming skills, rhythmic textures, new styles and increased confidence.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with other musicians on arrangements that include strumming and picking elements for all skill levels and flash mob and concert performances if you wish to join in the fun.

You’ll also learn some tricks of the trade, including how to

  • transpose a song’s key to suit your voice
  • sing like it doesn’t matter
  • use cheat chords to progress to increasingly complex songs
  • make your ukulele ring with a sweet, confident tone
  • play different kinds of blues rhythms
To enrol in this course, it’s expected that you
  • have played the ukulele for at least one year
  • are able to play the basic uke chords A, C, D, F, G, A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, F7, G7, Am, Em, Dm
  • are able to change between these chords fairly confidently
To be supplied by participant

Please bring your ukulele, a music stand, ukulele tuner, pencil, rubber, water and a great sense of humour.

Camper Feedback

Angie Smith
Course Tutor

Angie Smith

Angie Smith is a ukulele teacher, singer-songwriter and recording artist who performs with the contemporary duo The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach, community ensemble The Valla Beach Garage Band, and jazz band Blue Gum Blossom. Specialising in rhythm and vocals, she conducts successful concerts and workshops along the east coast of Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.

Angie has taught ukulele strumming at Camp Creative for four years, as well as beginner groups and private students. With a PhD in Education, Angie also has over forty years of teaching experience in the tertiary sector, including Cumberland College of Advanced Education, the University of Western Sydney and the University of New England.

She has conducted ukulele workshops at numerous ukulele festivals, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Central Coast, Deniliquin, Canberra and Valla Beach Ukulele Camp. In Armidale, she taught weekly workshops with seniors and community groups.

With The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach, Angie has won the Festival of Small Halls Talent Quest, recorded the album ‘Keep Laughing, Seriously’, and a song on the compilation The Australian Ukulele album.

Her most recent publication, ‘The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach Ukulele Songbook’, contains seventeen original songs with sheet music and has been widely acclaimed by ukulele and folk groups. She is also a member of the Songwriters Association of Australia.