Inner Wisdom – Tarot & Numerology

Would you like to know your natural strengths or see the reason behind limitations in your life and learn to work positively with them instead of just feeling frustrated and confused?

Do you expend so much energy helping everyone in your family achieve their goals you’ve forgotten your own? Would you like to have meaningful conversations with your friends instead of just feeling like you’re scratching the surface of what’s essential? Would you like to get fired up to make your life sing with productivity and joy?

Working with tarot and numerology is a form of self-empowerment that gives you the tools to explore your intuition and gain confidence in trusting your gut instincts.

Over five half days, Katie will share her method of combining numerology and tarot to enhance intuition, gain perspective and clarity, and read for fun for friends.


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In an age of technology, over-saturation and instant gratification, it is more important than ever to be able to tap into inner wisdom and guidance.

Please note: Katie does not call herself a psychic – her method is a type of self-empowerment to give you tools to explore your intuition and trust your gut instincts.

There are many different versions of numerology and tarot; Katie teaches the method she has come to rely on over the years.

Beginners to tarot welcome

To be supplied by participant

Participants must bring a tarot deck.

A natural-fibre cloth, preferably black or a solid dark colour, to keep your deck wrapped in which is big enough to lay out and do a spread on. If your pack came with a book of meanings bring that too.

A journal, coloured pencils or textas.

If you have a special crystal or object that you feel helps you connect with a higher power or your higher self, please bring that too.

All that is required for the numerology is your date of birth – the time is not needed.

Katie Little
Course Tutor

Katie Little

Katie M Little is a comedian, writer and blogger. She has read tarot for many years and passionately loves numerology (affectionately called “human sudoku”).

She does not call herself a psychic but teaches methods for exploring your intuition.