Creative Kids

Welcome to the Creative Kids (formerly Messy Art & Creative Dance) Super Hero Program! Through process art, mindfulness, and creative movement, we'll help your children develop strong minds, strong bodies, and strong connections.

During this exciting weeklong workshop, we’ll work on creating our very own super heroes. Your child will have the opportunity to make costumes and masks, and even build a super hero city using recycled materials.

At the end of the week, we’ll have a special performance where your child can showcase their super powers and save their cardboard city from doom in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Our workshop is a fun and safe space for children to explore their creativity freely through process art. It’s also a great opportunity for them to make new friends and build lasting connections.

We can’t wait to see your child unleash their inner super hero!
Miss Tara & Miss Caitlin


Course Info

Day One

Intro day! We’ll spend the day getting to know each other. Our morning will start off with mindful yoga and icebreaker games. We’ll have an intro to our art journals and a main art
lesson of self portraits super hero style! Children will have the opportunity to explore different art mediums through our self portraits as well as free art play time in the afternoon.

Day Two

We’ll start off our day with creative movement and discussions of our super powers. Each child will make their own super hero cape and decorating it with all the things they love about themselves. We’ll come up with our unique super hero names and begin to plan out our end of week performance. In the afternoon we will have an art prompt in our journals and end the day with free art play.

Day Three

The day will start out with mindfulness yoga and self esteem boosting games. Our art lesson for the day will be making our super hero masks and any other props the children want for their super hero costumes. In the afternoon we will continue to work on our performance and end the day with art prompts in our journals and free art play.

Day Four

We will start our day with creative movement and a refresher of our performance. For our art lesson we will make a cardboard city for the backdrop of our performance. Our city will be made of all recycled materials and we will use this time to discuss sustainability as another one of our super powers. We will end the day with an art prompt in our journals and free art play.

Day Five

Our final day! We will finish our cardboard city and wrap up our costumes for our final performance! We’ll spend a lot of time reflecting on our super powers and the new friendships
we have made!

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Old clothes that can get dirty when we do art
  • Sketch book
  • Socks (or dance shoes if you have them)
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothing for easy movement
  • Long hair needs to be tied up

Your class has an extra cost of $50 – this cost includes:

  • All craft materials

Payment details provided on booking.

Happy Camper Reviews

Caitlin Mansfield
Course Tutor

Caitlin Mansfield

Caitlin is an artist, art educator and mother of two girls. She has a Bachelor of Art Education from California State University and over ten years of experience teaching children in art, from daycares to high school art classes. Caitlin currently runs Messy Art Playgroup, where she teaches preschool art classes and art playgroups. During the school holidays, Caitlin runs creative arts workshops for children 5-12 years old.

Caitlin’s work with Messy Art is built around the philosophy of Process Art, where the process of making the art is emphasised more than the final outcome. It allows children to create freely and follow wherever their imagination takes them.

My experience has taught me the importance of self-expression and building self-confidence through creativity. A child’s ability to express what they think and feel through art are the building blocks for developing the confidence needed to tackle academic and personal challenges throughout life.

Tara Greenaway
Course Tutor

Tara Greenaway

Tara trained as a ballet dancer and went on to teach. She has been teaching for twenty years and, in that time, directed a ballet and dance studio in Sydney (fourteen years) and on the Coffs Coast since 2021.

Tara has trained students to elite level and in major competitions, but much prefers teaching for passion and to pass on her knowledge in a non-competitive environment.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Sydney and a Diploma in Ballet teaching and Management, Tara is a Royal Academy-trained and affiliated dancer and qualified in the Progressing Ballet Technique. A member of the Australian Teachers of Dancing, she was the director of Miss Tara Studios in Sydney from 2007 to 2020 and is the founder of the preschool ballet program Bambino Ballet, which she has run for over fifteen years.