From Pantry to Plate: Plant-based Nutrition

Join nutritionists Jenni and Belle to learn practical ways to incorporate plant-based ingredients into your daily diet. Discover how to substitute family favourite meals and desserts using plant-based ingredients that are tasty and nutritious.

Each day brings a new focus that builds on the previous day’s knowledge and learnt skills. As nutritionists, Jenni and Belle will share their knowledge of the health benefits of plant-based eating and how to make healthy balanced meals.

Gain confidence to recreate the recipes at home with take-home booklets. You’ll have the opportunity to cook some dishes and taste all the week’s food creations.

Please note that this course includes recipes that contain tree and ground nuts and seeds.


Course Info

Day One
Introducing the power of plant-based foods. You’ll discover our plant pantry and the nutritional value and application of these ingredients.

They form our core ingredients throughout the coming days. A plant pantry booklet is provided to get you started.

Day Two

How to make healthy, balanced meals emphasising types and cooking plant protein-rich foods. The opportunity to cook as part of a small group and all to share our delish creations. A booklet with recipes and nutritional benefits will be provided.

Day Three

We’ll use our plant-based pantry and protein options to create family favourite main meals. The opportunity to cook as part of a small group and all to share our delish creations. A booklet with created recipes will be provided.

Day Four

Introduction to basic methods of preserving: we’ll explore fermenting, salting, pickling and dehydrating to create sauerkraut, preserves, pickled veg, dehydrated fruits and veg.

Welcome to bring jars and fruit or veg you wish to use and take home. This will be discussed beforehand. A booklet with preserving information and recipes will be provided.

Day Five
The last day is treat day! Your taste buds won’t be disappointed by yummy vegan, dairy, and gluten-free treats. Belle will share some of her ingredient secrets and a few of her loved recipes, all practical and can be re-created at home. A booklet with the recipes will be provided.

Some basic cooking skills are required

To be supplied by participant

Please wear enclosed shoes and have hair tied back.


All kitchen equipment and materials are provided for a cost of $100, payable to the tutor on the first day.

Jenni & Belle Lyon
Course Tutor

Jenni & Belle Lyon

Jenni and Belle are qualified nutritionists passionate about sharing knowledge and the practical application of choosing and eating healthy foods, with a specialty in plant-based eating and cooking.

They advocate for eating nutrient-dense foods and take a holistic health approach by following four pillars: nutrition – movement – well-being, and sustainability.

Their business, Active Nutrition Pantry, offers a range of services to help their local community improve nutrition by stocking plant-based pantry items, many of which are made in-house, fresh and frozen takeaway meals and gluten and dairy-free treats. They regularly run workshops for small groups and healthy eating programs for individuals and couples.