Sketching Everywhere

Learn to sketch simple loose impressions of your day. Capture your daily activities and special moments quickly and easily using a small purse-sized sketch kit. Take it with you everywhere you go to build upon an illustrated journal of your life

You will be sketching purely for the joy of it. No exhibition, no need to show anyone. Do what feels comfortable—a journal of your life to pass on one day. Fill your sketchbook with memories. Truly immerse yourself and connect with your environment. Slow down and make sketching part of your life.

You’ll fully explore and capture the town of Bellingen this week, learning skills you can take home or take with you on your next holiday. A small, simple sketch kit is all you need. Discover the pleasure of sketching – whether for a personal or travel journal or to join the growing online movement of urban sketching.


Course Info

All adults and teenagers, regardless of art experience, are welcome as well as experienced students who want to loosen up and achieve more joy with their techniques.

In this course, you’ll learn how to carry your sketch kit everywhere you go and capture the essence of what is before you. Each day you’ll learn a new skill and complete a sketch in the classroom. Then go out on location and put your skills into action.


Each day we will have two three hour lessons. First, Anna will teach you a new skill, and we will complete a sketch together. Then we will go out on location and put our new skills into action. We will visit the park, the river, the town, the coffee shops, anywhere our feet will take us! Wear your comfortable shoes, and bring only your basic art kit.

This is when we truly start ‘Sketching Everywhere’. Its time to fully explore and capture the town and environment. What a fun week we will have!

By the end of the week, your sketchbook will be full, and you will have memories to treasure for years to come.



1. Beginner steps
2. Food and drinks
3. Trees and gardens
4. Water and sky
5. Buildings
6. Fun perspective
7. People
8. Vistas
9. Animals, birds and insects
10. Storytelling

No prior experience required

To be supplied by participant

Bring what you have and use what you have

Minimum materials required

  • One A5 sketchbook
  • One black pigment pen
  • One small travel 1/2 pan watercolour kit (Winsor and Newton Cotman is a good starting point)
  • One small water pot with screw top lid (a small jar/pill container etc)
  • One old cloth or tissues
  • One round brush Size 4 (Winsor and Newton Cotman is a good start, or invest in a travel brush)

Pre-order art supplies

Some materials can be purchased locally. Contact Gail Cardow from Island Art Shop & Studio on 02 66556822 to place your order before the Camp. Gail also delivers each day of the camp. You can also email Gail at or via her Facebook page.

Anna Barnes
Course Tutor

Anna Barnes

Anna has a Masters in Design Science, specialising in 3D Animation, from The University of Sydney (being awarded the Dean’s Honour Award) and a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts & Social Anthropology, specialising in South East Asian Studies.

She currently leads art, food and culture retreats in Vietnam, teaches nature journalling in the Blue Mountains and Nepean areas, and hosts Sydney-based “Sketch & Lunch” experiences. Her passion is to help people connect, transform, recover and thrive through art, food and cultural experiences. She is an artist, a mother, traveller and chef and lives in Western Sydney.