CAMP CREATIVE is a summer camp for families and individuals, a fun learning event where you mix with people of widely differing interests and ages in a relaxing and creative atmosphere. It's all about imagination, innovation and enjoyment!

It gives everyone the opportunity to find new creative expression within. Camp Creative will open your eyes to new ways of looking at things and at yourself.

Our tutors, who are leaders in their fields, support this vision by giving generously of their time and expertise to provide you with the means to pursue or find a new passion.


Anybody and everybody from age six to 106 – especially families, grandparents, parents and children. If you come alone, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends in a friendly and encouraging environment.


Probably more than you think is possible in just a few days. Like others before you, you will be surprised at the new ideas you will absorb – not only from your tutor, but from fellow participants as well. You will see things from a different perspective and discover new ways to achieve a result because your mind will be opened up during your course. To cap it all off, you will get a hefty charge of inspiration to set new aims for yourself.


Here is the current application form if you'd prefer not to enrol online. 


All courses begin on Monday morning 14th January and finish on Friday 18th January in the afternoon. All courses run over 5 days.

Full-day courses - run for five days starting at 9am on Monday and finishing each day around 4pm. There is a one-hour lunch break between noon and 1 pm, and breaks for morning and afternoon tea at the tutor’s discretion. 

Half-day courses - Either morning 9am to 12noon or afternoon 1pm to 4pm.Please check either the website or the brochure to check which part of the day your course will be on. A morning and an afternoon class can be combined eg Rock n Roll 9-12noon plus Mindfulness 1 to 4pm.


Most course are held at the Bellingen High School and Bellingen Primary School. There are other locations as well and all locations are marked in the brochure. A map is provided on the website and in the information booklet when you register All locations are close by and in most cases serviced by a shuttle bus.



If you are doing a course and you have children doing a course on a different campus, childcare is available for children aged under 10 years of age for the lunch time break. You must contact the coordinators prior to the camp.

There will be a charge of $25 for the week payable on the first day. This is not a general child minding service. Parents are responsible for bringing their children to the course and making arrangements to collect them at the end of each day.

It is summer, so bring cool, comfortable and casual clothes.

The canteen and the cafe at the high school are open for morning teas and lunches.  An ice cream vendor & coffee van are on the premises for the week. If your course is held at Bellingen Primary School then you can enjoy a short stroll to the many cafes in town who all serve delicious food & coffee.  The closest cafes are The Purple Carrot, The Little Red Kitchen and the famous Bellingen Gelato Bar. Check out the Camp Creative specials at these venues.

To allow you to meet up at the end of the day for a drink and the opportunity to share your day’s stories we have a designated area at Bellingen High School as Club Creative with tables and chairs. Campers may bring their own drinks and refrigeration is available for storing them during the day.

You can receive advance notice in two ways. If you want a brochure mailed to you then you will need to pay $5 at the previous camp. If you want advance notice via email then become a subscriber through our website. There is no charge for becoming a subscriber and you will receive the same advance notice via email.


As this is a community event, your photograph may be used to publicise Camp Creative. 





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How many Blues Harmonica Courses do you need?

The answer now is two!. Rob stockton, Coordinator, Camp Creative, explained, “ We were confident that we would have a good response to our Blue Harmonica workshop with Ben Goodger but we didn’t expect it to fill in 3 days. We had a waiting list of disappointed people so we looked around for more tutors and were lucky to find Mike Bradberry”

Bellingen locals will remember when Mike was playing and teaching harmonica. He has just returned to Bellingen and is teaching harmonica again.

Don’t leave it too long if you want to enroll in this new course. It has only 7 places left.  Rob joked, “ there won’t be 3 harmonica  courses. Mikes course is on the Camp Creative website. He can also be seen on You tube under the intriguing nickname of “ Leather Lips” 



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