Bellingen High School

  • Bellingen High school, Waterfall Way, Bellingen NSW, Australia
  • A valet disabled parking service is available at the High School. Camp staff can meet your car at the top drop-off zone and park it at the bottom. Your keys will be kept in secure storage at the Camp Office. Your car will be driven up for you to collect when you require it. This service must be booked prior to the Camp. Most High School rooms and venues have accessible entry for wheelchairs and people with limited mobility. All areas of the school have accessible pathways to every room. There are multiple accessible bathrooms across the school. Please contact Camp organisers at for more information on accessibility options or if you have specific accessibility or support requirements.
  • Onsite canteen and cafe. Lunches can be ordered via the canteen for classroom delivery. A communal fridge for packed lunches. Bellingen cafes and restaurants are within a short driving distance.
  • The primary car park is at the front entrance on Waterfall Way. There is no parking at the top level near the administration block. There is limited parking in the rear car park off Crown Street.
  • Shuttle bus The Camp Shuttle bus runs mornings, lunchtimes and afternoons daily. One bus is fitted for wheelchair access, the other with a ramp. A timetable will be available on the website closer to the Camp.