Health & Safety

Safe Work, Safe Classrooms

Safety is a high priority for Camp Creative – for all Campers, tutors, staff and volunteers.

You will get a safety induction from your tutor first thing Monday morning. They will also provide ongoing demonstrations and information around work safety throughout the week, depending on your course.

We ask that you respect all guidelines around safety and wear the appropriate clothing, footwear and protective gear as required.


For urgent medical attention, seek assistance at the first aid room at the High School and Primary School offices. 

Town venues also have first aid facilities.

Beat the Heat

Bellingen can be very hot in January, which can affect your health.

Wear cool, loose clothing and if outside, sunscreen and a hat.

Drink plenty of water and spend time in air-conditioning whenever you can.  Most classrooms and venues have air-conditioning.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Bellingen Hospital – 6659 5800

Bellingen Pharmacy – 6655 1124

Bellingen Healing Centre – 6655 0000

North Bellingen Medical Centre – 6655 1755

Three Rivers Health Clinic – 6655 0663