Community Hosting

Share a place to stay

For over twenty years, visiting Camp tutors have enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of Bellingen community hosts. 

Bellingen residents offer six nights of accommodation for visiting tutors – from a private room to a whole house or granny flat. Some hosts are away during the Camp and will offer their house for tutors.

In return, these hosts can choose to receive course credit for Camp Creative or be paid a hosting fee.

Why host?

Be part of a community tradition – and be part of the Camp Creative family.

Tutors always love their stay in Bellingen. Hosting offers them a place to call home for the week – and a special connection to our beautiful community.

It’s also a great opportunity for hosts to treat themselves, or a friend or a family member to a Camp course. Others like to get some pocket money after the Christmas holidays!

Our personal experience with hosting for Camp Creative has been a joyful and rewarding one for the whole family, and we can't wait to host Kate again this year. She just fitted right in with us from the first moment she put her suitcases down all those years ago. We just start back up where we left off each year. She is like family now!

How it works

Hosts can choose to offer:

A whole house

A private room

A self-contained flat / studio / cabin

A space for a caravan or camper van

A place within ten minutes of Bellingen and is private, neat and clean.


Length of stay

Tutors arrive Sunday, January 7 and depart Saturday, January 13.

Some tutors may need an extra night before or after the Camp.

Food & transport

Hosts are not responsible for tutors’ transportation or meals, but offers are always appreciated.

If tutors must prepare their own meals, kitchen facilities are preferred.


Some tutors travel with their families. Let us know if you’re happy to host families with children.

Tutors cannot stay in a host space where children reside or are staying.

This includes tutors travelling with their own children.

Hosting process

We facilitate the whole process, from initial enquiry to matching tutors to suitable places. We work to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Hosts will need appropriate insurance, such as home and contents. If you’re not sure, please get in touch.

For questions and more information, contact our Community Hosting Coordinator at