Environmental Initiatives at Camp Creative

Bellingen is an amazingly beautiful and unique place!

The team at Camp Creative is dedicated to implementing waste reduction initiatives wherever we can.


We need you to help us achieve this too, this is how you can help:

Please use the correct rubbish and recycling bins
Bring your own reusable coffee cup
Bring your own refillable drink bottle
Bring your own reusable utensils for lunches
Keep classroom doors and windows closed while air-conditioning is on


It is these little things that add up to a lot if everyone pitches in!

Rubbish sorting done right!

At Camp Creative 2024, we are excited to announce that we will be teaming up with OzGreen for the first time.

Their Rethink Waste program has seen great success at several local events such as the

Thrive Festival and the Bellingen Agricultural Show.

Their amazing team of volunteers will be coordinating waste management at our Party in the Park event on Thursday 11th January.

You can expect to find a bin station like these ones, attended by a volunteer.  

The volunteers will be there to answer any questions you have and also to ensure you place your waste in the correct bin.

After the event, they will be transferring all food waste and compostable items to the Northbank Community Garden to be turned into compost.

How cool is that!

You can find out more about OzGreen and the amazing work they do here.

Photo Credit: Saskia Burmeister

Photo Credit: Saskia Burmeister

Coffee for Climate

Photo Credit: Saskia Burmeister

In Bellingen, there’s a movement that’s phasing out single-use coffee cups.
Think it’s a good idea?

Get involved!

When you’re in the village looking for a takeaway coffee, keep an eye out for our town-wide Mug Library.

Choose a cup off the shelf, order your favourite coffee, then wander up the street or even jump in your car.

Empty cups can be dropped off at the Camp Creative office, or at any participating cafe, where they’ll be commercially cleaned and returned to the Mug Library.


You can check out Coffee for Climate in the news here, and here.

See how the Bellingen Council is onboard and

local events are loving the initiative too!