Kids & Teens Health & Safety

Our priority

Camp Creative is a child safe organisation. The needs and wellbeing of our kids and young people are of the highest priority.

Please note that all our staff and tutors have current Working With Children Checks.

For 2024 we have some new systems and procedures to provide the best possible care and support for our young Campers.

We ask that parents and guardians read all of the sections below.

We also require you to complete a Camp health form for each child attending the Camp. This form will be emailed to you when you book in a child under the age of 18.

This information will be provided to our Camp First aid team and tutors, where required.

Kids & Teen Zones

Kids & teens courses are run in their own supervised precincts, separate to adult classrooms.

Precincts are supervised throughout the day by Camp volunteers.

Kids courses near adult classrooms or with shared bathrooms are all closely monitored.

Zones include

St Marys Primary School

Bellingen High School – Spaghetti Circus @ Stockton Hall

Bellingen Youth Hub

Breaks & Lunchtimes

Tutors are not responsible for students during lunchtime.

There will be supervised lunch and play areas at the Hub, Primary School & High School.

Lunches can be ordered online to be made at the High School canteen and delivered directly to classrooms every day.

Canteen menus and ordering info will be available online late December 2023.

If your child is not ordering lunch through our canteen, please provide them with a lunchbox and drink bottle to keep them sustained for the duration of their course.

St Marys Primary School has a canteen.

The Hub does not have a canteen. The Hub is a 1 minute walk from the centre of town, teens 16+ (and teens 14+ who have been given parental permission) will be able to walk to town for lunch if needed.

Lunch off-campus

Parents and families are welcome to collect their kids for lunchtime – they’ll need to be signed out after 12pm and back in by 1pm by an approved adult.

Teens over 14 are allowed to go out for lunch unaccompanied, but parent/guardian permission must be provided by 5.00 pm the day prior.

Lunchtime Bus

We cannot provide a lunchtime bus for Camp Creative 2024.

There will only be a bus transfer from St Mary’s and the Youth Hub on Friday 12th January, to shuttle kids to the High School kids concert.

The concert goes from 2pm-3.45pm.  

Kids will be shuttled over to provide time for a brief rehearsal.

Kids will then need to be picked up from Stockton Hall at Bellingen High school on Friday 12th January at 4pm.

Check in & out

Young people under 16 will need to be taken directly to their classrooms by a parent or guardian each day.

Their tutor will be noting their attendance on the roll, when they arrive to the classroom each day.
Tutors will receive the adult contact information that you provide on your Child Info Form. 
Please don’t send any adults aside from the ones on your form to pick them up as this puts the tutor in a bit of a spot!
Any change of plans needs to be relayed to the office, so they can tell the tutor.


Some courses involve walks or trips away from the classroom. If your child’s course involves an excursion, you will have been sent an email with a link to a permission form. Students cannot go on excursions if the permission form has not been completed.

All excursions are accompanied by at least two adults, including a qualified first aider.


Camp courses cover a variety of different activities. Safety is the highest priority of our staff and tutors.
Tutors provide a safety induction at the beginning of the course, as well as a classroom safety check-in every day.
Closed shoes and a water bottle are required each day.
There may be course specific clothing and other items – please check the course materials list.

Photos & Video

Please let us know if you would prefer that your child not be included in official Camp photos and video.

We do use them for Camp publicity, so they may appear on our website, social media and promotional materials. Kids and teens who cannot be included will receive a coloured wristband and a sticker to put on their name tag to notify photography and video teams.

Please ensure they always wear their wristband and name tag.

We cannot be held responsible if they appear in photos because they weren’t wearing these items.