Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this list before you send us an email...


Can I bring my pet to Camp Creative?

No. Most of our venues are school classrooms and they are prohibited plus we cannot rule out allergies amongst campers.

Can I smoke or vape at Camp Creative?

No. All of our venues are smoke and vape free.

How can I receive Camp Creative news and updates?

Please sign up for our newsletter here.

Are there buses if my family is on different campuses?

No, we cannot logistically manage this.  We will only be providing a bus for students to get to the high school on Friday 12th January for the kids concert.

Why are most of the kids courses at St Mary’s Primary School?

With 80+ courses, it is a huge game of tetris to fit everyone in!  Aside from that, Camp Creative has to comply with complicated child safety laws.  We understand that this may be inconvenient for some families, but the easiest way to manage child safety issues is to locate as many of the kids courses as we can in the one place.

Why do I need to check in on Sunday?

Monday at Camp Creative is hectic!  If you have checked in on Sunday and received your name badge and know where your class is, that greatly reduces queues and wasted time on Monday. If you are already very familiar with venues/rooms at Camp Creative, it isn’t as necessary to check-in on Sunday. But if you’ve never been before we recommend you do, to save any confusion on Monday morning.



Are there any one day courses that allow me to do a number of different courses?

No, the cost of managing this would not be viable for us.

Can I do part of a course eg. only attend and pay for 3 days?

No, we don’t do part charges on our courses.  They are all for set amounts of days, this info is stated on every course page.

The course I want to attend is sold out, will there be any more tickets available?

No, our classrooms have set student capacities. Please fill in the wait list form on the course page.  If a place becomes available, the coordinator will call you to see if you would like to take it, depending on your place in the waiting list.



Can I use my Creative Kids voucher?

Yes, we have just been approved for Creative Kids as of June 1st.  There are some important rules for this though:

* $100 vouchers EXPIRED on June 30th, we now only accept $50 vouchers. 

* You will need to pay for your tickets IN FULL first.

* To receive your refund, provide your 16 digit voucher number at checkout, we make the claim, then we credit your $50.

* Every voucher we process has to be uploaded manually in order for us to redeem it. Please ensure you provide us with correct information, to save time on this manual process.

Do you have Afterpay or any other ‘buy now pay later service’?

No, our ticketing provider is unable to offer this service at checkout at this time.  We are pushing for this to be available but we don’t have a timeline on when this can happen.

Why have ticket prices gone up?

While we would love to offer cheaper tickets, we also need to cover our costs.  Camp Creative is a huge event to facilitate, with 80 tutors and 1000+ students.  Our event is mostly run by volunteers, but we still incur large costs from all our venues and insurance requirements, cleaners etc. Not to mention that we also need to pay our tutors.

Do my fees include the materials for the course?

No, all material costs are clearly outlined on the website.



I have changed my mind about my course, can I change my course booking?

Yes you can.  Click here if you are using a computer and here if you are on a mobile and follow the instructions.  Please note that changing your booking still depends on availability of the new course you want.

Something has come up and I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund but it will incur a fee.  Please click here for all details before contacting us for a refund.  Once you have read the refund policy and still want to proceed, please email us at

If I don’t like my course can I change during the camp?

Changes are possible when there are vacancies in other courses. All requests must be made through the Camp Coordinator, Nicole Ruigrok. Changes are not possible after 2 days and there are no refunds if a camper decides to pull out of the course without extenuating circumstances.

If I am approved for a refund, can I get a course credit to use next year instead?

No, we no longer offer course credits.  If you get approved for a refund, it will be sent to your nominated card or bank account.



Is there a pick-up and drop-off service for the airport and train station?

Yes, please click here for info.

What can I do in Bellingen, when I’m not at Camp Creative?

Click here to get some ideas on things to do in our Shire.

I’m staying at Bellingen Showground, what is the best way to get to my Camp Creative venue?

There will be a shuttle bus doing a town loop throughout the day. Info will be available on our website later this year.



Do I need to buy tickets to the camp events eg. Celebrity Concert, Kids Concert etc?

No, students can attend all of the Camp Creative performance events for free.  The only Camp event with a cost is the Welcome Dinner, which is $50 per person.

Can I bring a friend to the concerts?

No. Concerts are for campers only. A special concert in the park on Thursday night is open to the public.