Acting for adults: Finding yourself in the scene

This course is centred on a core part of actor training known as scene study. Scene study gives actors an opportunity to work very specifically on a small section of a play, which allows them to build greater understanding of the story, their character and what they bring to the role.

Through this process, our students will learn:

  • The technical elements of acting, including learning lines
  • Cues and fundamental staging
  • How acting encourages people to find parts of themselves in each role, in a safe and supportive way
  • The value of acting skills both in performance and in life

Course Info

Day One
Acting games and exercises
Breakout for scene work

Day Two

Warm up
Scene work: This will happen in 2 groups. Pairs or individuals (depending on class sizes) will work with a tutor on their scenes, with the rest of the group watching to learn about acting processes. Each pair or individual will get time to work on their scene in this way, so it is collaborative and supportive.

Day Three

Warm up
Scene work, different tutor – the 2 groups will separate again but work with the other tutor.
This work may include elements of improvisation and games to help people have fun.

Day Four

Warm up
Scene work with all students and tutors together.

Day Five

Exploration of ways to prepare before a performance and manage nerves, rehearsal of scenes and sharing with the group.

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Water bottle
  • Clothing that is comfortable for movement

No experience required.

Happy Camper Reviews

Amy Bradney-George and Seton Pollock
Course Tutor

Amy Bradney-George and Seton Pollock

Amy Bradney-George and Seton Pollock have both trained and works as actors for over 15 years each. This includes a variety of different courses and formal degrees (Griffith University and NIDA, respectively). They have worked with directors from all walks of life, across independent and professional stage and film productions.

In 2019, they founded Et Tu Theatre and began producing the type of theatre they both enjoyed going to see. This has given them a deeper understanding of the creative process. Amy, who grew up in Bellingen and attended many Camp Creative seasons (along with Stamping Ground), has become particularly passionate about giving people in regional areas more access to professional-standard theatre that is more widely available to people in capital cities.

Both Amy and Seton are now based in Bellingen and, with Et Tu Theatre, plan to produce theatre that supports the development of other creatives and gives people access to the type of theatre they have loved being a part of in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and overseas.