African Drumming

Connect with the ancient language of rhythm, share in the strength, harmony and universal power of the drum.

In this course, you will learn traditional African drumming for djembe and dun duns Bougarabou, plus the many hand percussion instruments parts. This is drumming for everyone – Chinta teaches at all levels of experience.

You’ll learn drum technique, body percussion and for the more advanced students, the art of improvisation. You will also learn Afro Brazilian Samba, then rove the streets of Bellingen, Carnival style.


Course Info

During the course, you will work on your drumming technique for the drums you are using, as well as body percussion, and for the more advanced students, the art of improvisation.

You will also learn the songs and chants that accompany the rhythms, along with their cultural significant.

We will be performing at Thursday’s Party in the Park and also at the Grand Finale concert on Friday night.

As the circle of drummers expands, so too our connection with the rhythm of life grows strong once again.

No experience required

If you don’t have your own drum you can hire one for a small fee, or if you wish, buy a handmade traditional African drum.

Contact Chinta at to arrange this before the Camp

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Chinta Reiss
Course Tutor

Chinta Reiss

Chinta is a dynamic group facilitator, teacher and performing artist. Chinta has studied drumming in Gambia, West Africa and Zimbabwe and with teachers Chris Berry from Panjea, Pape M baye from Senegal, and other African Drum masters. With his enthusiastic friendly style, Chinta has a proven ability to work successfully with any size group creating an uplifting rhythm charged experience.

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