Deep Time Yoga Immersion

Go deeper with this holistic yoga experience. You'll work with different yoga styles each day while extending your learning into areas such as mantras and sound healing, pranayama, karma yoga, and chakras to fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice.

Ilka will lead you through a range of yoga styles, including Hatha, vinyasa, yin, Kundalini yoga, AcroYoga and more.

Expand your practice and explore the effect of mantras in various languages, mediations, pranayama, chanting and sound healing. Learn about alignment, energetic locks (bhandas), fascia trains, TCM and the chakras to immerse deeply into your yoga practice. Explore the philosophical aspects of yoga and learn how to take yoga off the mat to make it a lifestyle choice.

The course will incorporate chanting, sound, karma yoga tasks, mindful non-violent communication, and connection to Gumbaynggirr country.

  • Full days - Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Suitable for ages 16 to adult
  • Beginner, Intermediate
  • Places available

Course Info

Day One

Opening circle: asking the land for permission, introductions and outline of course content. Vinyasa flow yoga class. Yogic ethics: The dos and don’ts of yoga (yamas and niyamas) including Q&A. Movement meditation, Yoga Nidra, mantra, journaling.

Day Two

Opening circle: Reflecting on day one. Hatha yoga class. Focus on alignment, bhandas and the benefits of assorted asanas. Fascia trains and TCM meridians. Yin Yoga, pranayama, meditation.

Day Three

Full Kundalini Yoga Sadhana including the Aquarian mantras, journaling,
the Chakras, reflection on language (Gurmuki/Sanskrit/English/Gumbaynggirr), mantra and sound, Q&A, and sound healing.

Day Four

Intention setting (Sankalpa), Solar Asana Yoga Flow, Focus on inversions, Partner and AcroYoga, Karma Yoga and Non-Violent-Communication, Reflection, Intro to Thai Yoga Massage.

Day Five

Murlarla (Totem) Yoga with Gumbaynggirr Language Infusion. Mindfulness and giving thanks; Making an offering to country and reflections on yoga as a lifestyle choice and yoga in Gumbaynggirr jagun. Kirtan. Closing circle.


If time allows, we will look into Ayurveda, the doshas and food choices.

This course includes a fair amount of movement – an average level of fitness and mobility is desirable, but not essential to get the most out of this week.

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle or herbal tea
  • Socks
  • Blanket
  • Pen and notebook
  • Musical instruments (optional)
  • Blocks, bolsters and straps if you like (optional)

Happy Camper Reviews

Ilka Schroeder
Course Tutor

Ilka Schroeder

A yoga teacher with over twelve years of teaching experience, Ilka has over 700 hrs of training.

Ilka is qualified in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and AcroYoga. She has taught classes and workshops across the world and is the founder of AcroYoga Summer Camp in Northern Germany.

In addition to her Master’s degree in Vocational Education, Ilka has a solid background in adult education and lifelong learning. She is a qualified language teacher who promotes nonlinear thinking.

Her love for chanting and a shamanic worldview have found their way into her well-structured classes that always are infused with a dash of humour and fun.

Ilka is married to a Gumbaynggirr man. In honour of the connection to country, Ilka teaches bilingual yoga classes in English and Gumbaynggirr, the original language of Bellinger Valley.

Publication: “Living Yoga Wisdom” by Eckard Wolz Gottwald and Ilka Schroeder

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