Kids Song Creation & Performance

Young people will write their own songs and perform as a band, as part of an original theatre and music performance.

Participants will jam, listen and play to carve out original musical themes to be developed into songs and narratives supporting the theatre devising workshop.

Young people will learn how to take themes and passages from a play and turn them into musical pieces, expressing and supporting the theme, mood and ideas of a new play. Students will hone their existing musical skills, develop new skills as well as exploring their musical creativity in an inspiring & supportive environment.

The group will work closely with the theatre group in the next room, including playing games and devising ideas for their new theatrical and musical performance.


Course Info

Day One
Learn some improvising skills, identify individual talents & form group trust.

Day Two

Be part of brainstorming songs & musical pieces.
Start writing songs & musical themes& pieces while continuing to hone & develop musical skills.

Day Three

Continue writing songs & musical pieces for the play.
Begin rehearsing our songs & pieces while continuing to hone our musical & performance skills.

Day Four

Keep refining & working on our songs & musical pieces for the play .
Rehearse our songs & pieces & continue our practice.

Day Five

Rehearsal and performance.

No previous experience required

Students, please bring your instrument if you play one.

The tutor will provide a simple recording set up to document & develop our work, percussion equipment, possibly a bass & bass amp, a guitar or two & a guitar amp etc

Happy Camper Reviews

Michael Turner
Course Tutor

Michael Turner

Michael Turner is an ARIA award-winning musician/writer with 20th century band, Wild Pumpkins At Midnight. The Pumpkins came soaring out of Tasmania on the back of the burgeoning green activists movement in the 1980s, conquered Melbourne’s mercurial music scene and went on to play across Europe for a decade.
Writer, singer, guitarist, musical director & music educator, Michael has conducted workshops for teachers of The Learning Space Foundation & taught English through songs to tribal children in Maharashtra, India. He was the musical director of the prestigious Ethnic Business Awards in 2007 that was broadcast to 45 countries worldwide.

Michael played bass with Dan Rumour and The Drift, the vehicle for Dan Rumour, founding member of The Cruel Sea and plays currently with North Coast Americana Latin Gypsy jazz outfit The Romaniacs as well as a number of other local projects including the beautiful album & national tour with Sara Tindley,
The Wild & Unknown.

As a devotee of humanitarian works, Michael has worked extensively in India, releasing a kid’s record Peaceful Stars, Days & Dreams, a beautiful album recorded in Mumbai, India with under privileged rural children. He also co-produced Kangaroo Club in 2001, an album by popular Gamilaroi children’s performer Mereki.

In 2011 Michael released his own family friendly CD & book, titled ‘In My Backyard,’ by Spikey & Friends. One of Michael’s recent projects is a 2nd Peaceful Stars CD, NATURE FUTURE- songs in English for learning about Nature & Time, recorded again in India, this time in the field, in a traditional Warli tribal hut.

Michael has been a facilitator & a director of Music Outback Foundation which serves to achieve better educational outcomes for Indigenous children living remotely through music & songwriting.
Currently Michael runs a weekly music program at the Namatjira Haven healing centre for Indigenous Men in Alstonville NSW, where for the last 12 years has been successfully facilitating music as a vechile for healing.

Michael Turner is currently the Byron Community Primary School’s Musical Director.
Since 2007 Michael has been teaching musical principles & covering the NSW board of Education curriculum outcomes for K-6 for 1-2 days a week through; singing, games, playing & making instruments, songwriting as well as performing.
As Musical Director working along side Drama teacher & School Principle Emma Wappett, The Byron Community Primary School End Of Year Performances have become legendary in the Byron Bay area.

Bella Frankie are alt-folk duo Michael Turner and Ajita Cannings, hailing from the mud flats of Northern NSW. Their musical collaboration formed in 2021 when they fell into a musical and heart collaboration, merging their unique sounds into capacious harmonies and authentic folk-yarns.

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