Kids Theatre Making & Performance

Young people will create their own theatre work as a group. They will learn how to improvise in various forms (acting, movement, clowning, song, mime, character). Working as individuals and as a group, in order to generate theatre material they feel excited and passionate about.

They will learn how to structure and script a narrative to create a group-devised piece which will surprise and disarm an audience. They will extend their performance skills (acting, movement and song) to a standard ready to perform to a large audience. The group will work collaboratively with the Song Creating group in the next room, to incorporate a band and song into their show.

The two groups will join together during the course for games. Participants should expect to play a lot of games, to learn how to communicate and collaborate on their creative ideas, to be challenged and increase their performance skills, to laugh, to debate, and to learn the essential principles of creating engaging theatre.


Course Info

Day One
Learn improvisation techniques, identify individual skills and form group bonds.

Day Two

Brainstorm ideas for group-devised piece, continue improvisations to a theme.

Day Three

Begin workshopping individual scenes, film improvisations and script.

Day Four

Structure scenes into a narrative, add music and other effects, stumble through.

Day Five

Rehearsal and performance.

No previous experience required

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Ajita Cannings
Course Tutor

Ajita Cannings

Ajita has facilitated the creation of new theatre works with children and young people for 25 years.

She has worked with NORPA, Australian Theatre for Young People, BighArt, Northern Rivers Conservatorium, Red Inc and Circolino Pipistrello Circus Switzerland.

She currently works with young people in Evans Head at school and through Understorey Youth Theatre, developing a new adaption of a Shakespeare play each year.

Ajita is passionate about empowering young people to tell their stories and share their unique perspective through performance.

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