Budding songwriters will benefit from this exciting introduction to lyric writing and song structure. Students will learn to write their own song on their chosen instrument and have the opportunity to collaborate with others, share their songs and have them recorded.

Participants will dive deep, exploring writing exercises and techniques to help them kickstart their songwriting journey. We will be exploring free-writing, object writing, rhyming and metaphor. Learn how to form a lyrical concept that is relatable and meaningful.

This course is suitable for aspiring musicians interested in songwriting or poetry.

  • Full days - Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Suitable for ages 16 to adult
  • Beginner, Intermediate
  • Nearly full

Course Info

Day One | Introduction to Lyric Writing and Concept

Students will delve into some writing exercises and techniques to help them kickstart their songwriting journey. We will be exploring freewriting, object writing, rhyming and metaphor. Students will learn how to form a concept that is relatable and meaningful.

Day Two | Melody, Chords and Structure

On day two, students will learn to take the lyrics they have written and start to form them into songs. Students will learn how to create a hook for their chorus and find a melody that suits their song using their voice and intuition. We will explore the basics of chord theory and the differences between verses, choruses and bridges.

Day Three | Workshop Day

By day three, students will have all the tools they need to start writing their own songs and will be starting to form songs of their own. Day three is reserved for students to work on their material. They will have the opportunity to collaborate and share with each other and have some one-on-one time with Tony to help finish their work.

Day Four | Recording Day One

By day four, students will have finished their songs and will be ready to record! Each student will have a one-hour recording session with Tony to record their song with an instrument and voice. Students who are confident performers can play and sing their song, but if they choose, they may elect Tony or another student to play or sing for them. Some students may still be working on their songs and so will have time to work on them to record on day five.

Day Five | Recording Day Two

Day five continues day four, and we will finish the last of our students’ recordings. Students who have already completed their recordings might wish to assist other students with the recording process or continue to work on their writing. There will be an opportunity for confident performers to perform their work.

Students will do best if they can play an instrument and/or be a confident singer. If you are more of a player, you can potentially collaborate with someone who is a singer.

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Pens, pencils or writing implements
  • An A4 notebook for writing
  • A smartphone or other audio recording device
  • A POLYPHONIC instrument (an instrument you can play chords on, i.e. guitar, keyboard or ukulele)

Students may choose to order the book Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison – a vital resource for songwriting careers. We will be discussing topics covered in this book during the week.

Happy Camper Reviews

Tony Rowley
Course Tutor

Tony Rowley

Tony is a seasoned singer-songwriter and guitarist with a passion for contemporary music. As Titan Sky, he has performed his music at festivals around Australia and collaborated with several artists, including Cat Empire’s Ollie McGill.

Tony has a Bachelor of Musical Arts and is trained in jazz performance, arranging and music production. He has over a decade as a music educator and has worked with all ages, from early childhood to adult learners.

Tony is a guitar, bass, ukulele and songwriting teacher at Bishop Druitt College, St John Paul College and the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium