Chinese Brush Painting

Enjoy the deeply peaceful technique of Chinese brush painting. Be led in the traditional manner of the six principles applied to the subjects of the four seasons, using the four treasures of bamboo brush, rice paper, inkstone and ink stick.

After learning the five basic strokes, fundamental to the construction of painting and calligraphy, explore the forms of butterflies, bees and blossoms, landscape, birds and flowers, including those of the Australian bush.


Course Info

Suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about this very relaxing, peaceful art technique.

No prior experience required

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Two Chinese painting brushes – available from tutor for $5
  • Two sets of watercolour tubes
  • Two white saucers for palettes
  • Two children’s scrapbooks ‘newsprint paper’ – not sketchbooks
  • Margarine tub for water container – not glass jars
  • Cotton cloth – old tea towel
  • Teacup for Chinese tea

Happy Camper Reviews

Stephen Cassetari
Course Tutor

Stephen Cassetari

Stephen is a fulltime artist of Chinese painting with over thirty-five years experience. He has a studio at Lake Macquarie and is the author of fifteen published books on various aspects of Chinese painting. Stephen has also taught in adult education for over forty years and at various Camp Creatives for thirty years.

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