Fibre Art Coiled Basketry

Get hands on with an ancient craft of basketry, transformed into a modern sculptural medium.

Learn the technique of hidden core coiling, a technique that involves wrapping or stitching a weaver around a core. Weave with beautiful coloured raffia; hand dyed using botanical dyes.

You will learn the fundamental skills of coiling, making a start, shaping, and adding materials and embellishments.


Course Info

Sue will demonstrate varied techniques and will be hands-on when teaching differing stitches and wrapping styles.

You’ll start with a simple basket, then move to larger baskets with more advanced stitches and pieces of wall art or make a unique piece of jewellery.

No prior experience required


All materials will be supplied at a cost of $50 per participant – including Sue’s raffia, hand dyed using botanical dyes. This is payable to the tutor on the first day of the course.

Sue Connor
Course Tutor

Sue Connor

As well as twenty-five years as a primary school teacher, Sue is a talented textile and fibre artist and over the last five years, has been continuously running workshops in felting, botanical dyeing and basketry.