Get Unstuck & Write Your Story!

Embrace this 2024 New Year opportunity to dedicate time and focus to the stories and / or the book you’ve secretly dreamed about writing!

Perhaps you’re still in the one-day-I’ll-get-to-it phase, or maybe you’ve already part-started and stalled. It might feel easier to give attention to getting ‘real-life’ tasks done. We’re all good at excuses, especially writers…

Designed and delivered by acclaimed writing teacher and author of over fifty published books, this course is a playful, empowering, and intensely storied boot camp in which you’ll share with a writing tribe from all backgrounds and levels of experience (from those with an unwritten idea, to others who might have a project they’ve already started – a novel, creative non-fiction, memoir, or a collection of short stories).

Buoyed by the support and strength of other word and story-loving compatriots, and under the expert guidance of your tutor, you will be able to experience connecting with your creative joy and tap into more original thinking and expression through numerous writing activities and techniques.

Opportunities will be provided to explore and plan for your own unique needs, conditions, approaches, structures, and routines. You’ll discover ways to wrangle your inner critic, overcome writers’ block, and techniques to overcome procrastination. As a bonus – you will also be taught how to self-edit your work to a better publication standard.

The objectives and outcome for this course are for you to go home with the satisfaction, pleasure, and proof of having created new written content, inspiration and insights, a grab bag of writing and self-editing techniques and tools, plus a bespoke plan, process, structure and timeline for the completion of your story or book!

  • Full days - Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Suitable for ages 18 to adult
  • Everyone
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Course Info

Please note – throughout the week during dedicated writing times – individual sessions will be offered and allocated for one-to-one mentoring and coaching.
Day One
Group creativity speed dating (you’ll find out!), troubleshooting for what blocks and stops us, exploring your concept and ideas, generating a unique personalised plan for your writing success, along with playful creative writing activities and dedicated writing time.
Day Two
Creative writing activities, tools, and techniques interspersed with dedicated writing time.
Day Three
Creative writing activities, tools, and techniques interspersed with dedicated writing time.
Day Four 
Creative writing activities, tools, and techniques, interspersed with dedicated writing time.
Day Five 
Tools and techniques for self-editing your work to a better publication standard.

A love of stories and words and a desire to write.

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Journals
  • Notebooks
  • Laptops / tablets (if your preferred writing medium but please bring paper / journals to write on as well)

Happy Camper Reviews

Melaina Faranda
Course Tutor

Melaina Faranda

Melaina Faranda is the author of over fifty Young Adult and Children’s books, (published by nationally and internationally by numerous publishers), as well as a qualified teacher.

A passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic tutor. Melaina loves inspiring and empowering word and story-loving kin.

She does this through the many workshops, courses, and masterclasses she delivers at writers’ centres, schools, and literature festivals throughout Australia – regularly resulting in rave feedback and repeat invitations.

  • Online