Introduction to Silver Jewellery Making

This is a creative course for beginner jewellery-makers. Learn to make sterling silver jewellery at home, with minimal equipment and set-up costs.

Explore a range of traditional and modern jewellery-making techniques in this hands-on course, and learn how to incorporate alternative metals, beads, gemstones and upcycled elements into your own designs.

Your tutor, trade-qualified jeweller Tracy Kelly, will demonstrate and guide you through each individual technique. As the course progresses you will learn skills such as saw-piercing, metal texturing and effects, making jewellery findings, annealing and soldering, and basic gem setting.

This is the perfect course for those curious about making precious metal jewellery at home, but not sure how to start or what equipment is required.

Students will design and make a number of sterling silver jewellery pieces over the duration of the course that will be fully-finished and ready to wear, and will also receive a comprehensive workbook and technique guide to take home.

  • Full days - Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Suitable for ages 18 to adult
  • Beginner
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Course Info

Day One

Introduction to sterling silver properties and working processes:

After a brief introduction, we will discuss and explore the properties and characteristics of sterling silver and why it is so popular in jewellery-making.

We’ll then begin our hands-on jewellery-making journey by exploring a range of texturing techniques for precious metals using copper, brass and sterling silver, and go on to design and make your first pair of earrings.

Day Two

Using the jeweller’s saw:

Today we will learn how to master the jeweller’s saw. Get tips on how to effortlessly work with your saw, from production cutting to more detailed and intricate work.

We’ll discuss how to choose the right blades for each job and how to stay safe using the saw.

Using one of the templates supplied, or your own design, you will make a silver pendant.

We will also go through some polishing and finishing techniques, which will be used throughout the course.

Day Three

Torch control and soldering:

Today we move on to the jeweller’s torch and some basic soldering techniques.

Learn about different soldering tools for your at-home set-up, and how to safely and effectively use your torch to anneal and solder sterling silver.

You will design and make a set of up to three sterling silver stackable rings, or design your own pendant, incorporating a tube setting for a faceted gemstone.

Day Four

(to be confirmed)
Basic gemstone setting and object capture:

Explore alternative settings and setting methods for gemstones and objects, learning when and which technique is best applied.

Day Five

Free time to continue with your projects – your choice!

Today you can use the time to complete any unfinished projects, or design and make something extra using the materials remaining in your maker’s kit.

No previous experience required

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Notebook
  • Pen/pencil
  • Small plastic container with lid – to store your metal and materials
  • Apron (optional)
  • Closed shoes
  • Hair tie or band for long hair
  • Glasses if you need them for close-up work
  • Old small towel or tea towel

Your class has an extra cost of $220 – this cost includes:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Sterling silver
  • Bundle of saw blades
  • Choice of gemstones and/or beads

All tools and sundries will be provided for use in class.

Payment details provided on booking.

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Tracy Kelly
Course Tutor

Tracy Kelly

Tracy is a trade-qualified jeweller with over 30 years’ experience designing and creating unique precious jewellery.

Working from her purpose-built jewellery studio in East Kurrajong NSW, Tracy uses a combination of ancient hands-on techniques and modern technology to create stunning, custom-made jewellery, and specialises in the remodeling of old jewellery.

With a love for her craft, and a desire to share the joy of making, Tracy hosts jewellery-making classes with a range of projects and techniques offered.

Tracy has also been commissioned a number of times to tutor week-long workshops at Grafton Arts Festival and McGregor Summer School Toowoomba, and is now thrilled to be involved with Camp Creative.