Mindfulness & the Art of Zen Shiatsu

Discover how to fine tune your inner creativity and express it through the poetry of healing touch.

Matt will guide you to creatively express mindfulness techniques – in a way that helps others and yourself. Discover the heart of Zen Shiatsu – a Japanese form of massage centred on mindfulness. Shiatsu translates as finger pressure and is performed through the clothes. You can practice it on a futon on the ground, on a massage table, or in a chair.

  • Half day afternoons - Monday to Friday - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Suitable for ages 18 to adult
  • Everyone
  • Nearly full

Course Info

Traditionally, practitioners in Japan were blind and highly regarded for their incredible sensitivity and palpation skills, leading to a deep art form with health benefits for both giver and receiver.

You will practice giving and receiving Zen Shiatsu massage, emphasising mindfulness techniques that develop an empathetic connection with your inner nature and that of another human being.

Using Levity. Forming a two hand connection. Guiding with the Breath. Intention. Connecting with your whole body-mind. Learning to listen to your Intuition. Expressing Creativity.

Introducing five elements of increasing your sensitivity when performing a Zen Shiatsu massage.
Learning meridian stretches to begin to connect with your inner nature mindfully. Meditation.

Day One
Water Element (impetus) – using gentle levity pressure to dramatically increase the sensitivity of your Shiatsu massage.
Giving and Receiving a Zen Shiatsu massage with a focus on applying the CORRECT PRESSURE OF LEVITY.

Day Two

Mindful meridian stretches. Meditation.
Metal Element (letting go) – mindfulness breathing techniques for enhancing Shiatsu massage sensitivity and guiding the relaxation of both giver and receiver.
Giving and receiving a Zen Shiatsu massage with a focus on MINDFULNESS BREATHING.

Day Three

Mindful meridian stretches. Meditation.
Wood Element (benevolence) – building mindful two-handed connection for enhancing Shiatsu massage sensitivity.
Giving and Receiving a Zen Shiatsu massage with a focus on TWO-HANDED CONNECTION.

Day Four

Mindful meridian stretches. Meditation.
Earth Element (empathy) – using intention to enhance Shiatsu massage sensitivity.
Giving and Receiving a Zen Shiatsu massage with a focus on using INTENTION.

Day Five

Mindful meridian stretches. Meditation.
Fire Element (body-mind) – using all the mindful Shiatsu massage techniques together under the coordination of the whole body-mind.
This is an opportunity to both give  and receive a Zen Shiatsu massage using the WHOLE BODY MIND. For those interested, this is an opportunity to give a Zen Shiatsu massage whilst blindfolded (optional), to increase the poetry of your healing touch.

No prior experience required.

Please bring the following on your first day of class:

  • Two clean towels
  • A cushion

Happy Camper Reviews

Matthew Sincock
Course Tutor

Matthew Sincock

After six years of playing Rugby Union, Matt felt amazed the first time he tried Qigong and Shiatsu (in 1991), that something so gentle could feel so relaxing and healing.

The inner peace he felt when practicing both Qigong and Shiatsu helped to inspire Matt to study Chinese Medicine.

He now runs a full time therapy practice in Bellingen as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, treating patients with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shiatsu, Massage, and running weekly Qigong and Japanese Yoga classes. Matt also runs a community clinic in Bellingen every Wednesday (since 2010).