Woodturning for Beginners

Ever wanted to try woodturning and didn’t know where to start? Had a go at turning and are ready to learn more? You will learn the principles of woodturning from safety to using tools and hands-on learning of the basic skills for you to confidently create small take-home pieces.

David will introduce you to the principles of woodturning, including safety, tool care and sharpening. You’ll learn how to use basic woodturning tools, including the roughing gouge, spindle gouge, skew chisel, parting tool, and scraper.

Learn what each tool is for, what it does, when to use it, and how to prepare it by sharpening. You will gain confidence using these tools by producing different shapes with each tool type.

Practising these shapes throughout the course will see students produce small items to take home.


Course Info

Day One
Safety and knowing your machine, sharpening tools.

Day Two

Using the roughing gouge and skew chisel.

Day Three

Using the spindle gouge and parting tool.

Day Four

Creating various shapes with each tool.

Day Five

Compiling learned knowledge from the course. Making a couple of items to take home.

For woodturning beginners

Students will need to their own PPE (personal protective equipment), including safety glasses, dusk mask, covered shoes
A pencil and ruler
For safety reasons please do not wear loose clothes
Timber to wood turn, oil to finish the items to take home, and sandpaper
A material cost of $20 is payable to the tutor on the first day
David Barden
Course Tutor

David Barden

David Barden has taken his skill at wood-turning and created an art form. Nature is the inspiration behind each piece. Drawing on the beauty of nature, David creates fine-turned homewares sourcing inspiration from the wood itself along with the landscape the wood grew in.

Since discovering his talent for wood-turning in his teens, David has developed an individual and distinctive style, using skills he learned in his engineering trade and his natural creative flair. The joining of his creative genius along with his engineering perfection allows for stunning decorative pieces for buyers, individual products for builders and repair work that preserves history and meaning.

While understanding each piece of timber’s uniqueness, history, and charm, David’s talents allow him to create one-off originals for the discerning collector, a giving piece of nature for the environmentally conscious or a functional item for any homemaker. Like the wood from which they evolve, each piece is original and unique.

As a craftsman and artist, David’s work highlights wood’s natural beauty and versatility – enhancing the many colours, textures and uses of timber – the WOOD WE CREATE.

David has been teaching, sharing his experience and knowledge of woodturning and carving, his passion, for thirty years, including a formal TAE qualification Woodturning can be taught in a couple of days, but it takes a lifetime to master.